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Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by Flamingjazz, Apr 4, 2018.

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    Welcome to the forums!

    BADLAND, as well as BADLAND 2, are awesome (mostly) single player games that get your character Clony through the seemingly haunted forest trying to understand what's going on with the robots in the background and trying not to die by just about every object in the game. The games have won all kinds of awards, and are included in Apples essential games to get! There's really something special about these games!
    You have come here, and you know that! Maybe you've been lit up by those lazers one too many times. Maybe you're going for that perfect level in the level editor, but you're trying to build a certain contraption. Maybe you're pushing to reach 3000 clones saved (or more!). Maybe you just can't get that time trial... Maybe you're just trying to beat a level for the first time. Or maybe you're even trying to just get and meet some other BADLAND Gamers!
    Whatever you're doing here, you're at the right place! No matter how long these games are played, they are going to remain classics.

    As you've noticed, there's quite a bit of content! Many serious BADLAND fans have posted quite a bit here! Where to start? What to do?

    Here are some essentials, some things you should do first!

    1. If you're looking for Badland Brawl, and you saw this forum, you can find Badland Brawl on Discord at It's also on Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook.
    maxresdefault (1).jpg
    But before you leave, consider checking out the original game that got it started! Download BADLAND today and try it out!

    2. Sign up! Join us! As part of the Badland Forums, you can comment, ask questions, and even compete using the BADLAND Save the Clones Spreadsheet and see how you fare with other top badlanders! Plus always get the first news on new games or info for Frogmind and possibly future installments in the BADLAND franchise.

    3. Got any questions or bug reports for the developers? Let us know! Got any ideas for something for the future? Sounds great! Want to operate one of the best and most sophisticated level editors for a mobile device that you have ever operated, but it's just confusing? Check out our videos! Although Eternal Day levels have recently been less frequent, your level could be the next Eternal Day level that everyone is looking for!

    4. Of course, you can always just look around! The forums have topics on all things related to your gaming experience. Feel free to roam and contribute!

    BADLAND and BADLAND 2 are some of the highest quality mobile games developed. Enjoy the website, and make sure and comment! Myself and other site operators and top BADLAND Gamers are always checking out this site and we'll be sure to help you. Feel free to follow BADLAND, FROGMIND, and BADLAND Brawl on Facebook, Twitter etc.

    Can you catch them all? Good luck!

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