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Discussion in 'LEVEL EDITOR' started by Xelordan, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. Xelordan

    Xelordan New Member

    I've played Badland so far without log on Google+ and I also created some levels in the editor, but recently I logged on G+ , it has synchronized all my achievements and now, even if I'm not logged on G+, when I go on "My levels" it shows me "0 results" even if before there was all my levels here normally. I've also tried to reupload them but the game says that my name is already taken and if I change it, the update don't begin. It simply show me that update can't be done yet and that I've to try later.
    Any help please ?

    (Sorry for this ton of text but I wish to be clear ;) )
  2. Hj326

    Hj326 Hypercloner

    Are you sure your problem is related to G+? Maybe it's a coincidence.
  3. Xelordan

    Xelordan New Member

    Yes maybe but that was the first time I log on g+ so I don't think it's a coincidence. To me, the game see now two persons on a single device. The first, me, who created the levels (which are in my game files; and the second one, who doesn't created any level. And now the game is stuck on this one, without giving me the possibility to swap.
  4. Vicvic91

    Vicvic91 Administrator Staff Member Frogmind

    Ping @Jaakko @Johannes will help you resolving this. :)
    Can you just send more info :
    . What's your device model ?
    . What's your OS version ?

    Thanks !
  5. Xelordan

    Xelordan New Member

    My device is a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and my os is adroid jellybean 4.1.2

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