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    Time Trial


    Post your time trial scores in the Timetrial spreadsheet!

    Mission, Clone & Time Trial Replays
    Upload your videos to YouTube and post your videos here! Post your awesome clone scores here!
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  2. Leto_Zhou

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    I got 78 clones in this level too:mrgreen:
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  3. Leto_Zhou

    Leto_Zhou Well-Known Member

    I got 81 clones in this level now~~:)
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  4. <|-|!<0

    <|-|!<0 Dr. Doomsday

    Happy with my 72, you guys are obviously replicants, lol.
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  5. Sheepy

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    I just played this again, and noticed something weird. When you are moving with the planet through the lasers, there are ovals with green eyes hovering next to the lasers. At first I thought that they were part of the lasers, but the ovals unattached themselves from the lasers at some points. Could they be a second type of replicant? What is going on with them?o_O

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