Playing BADLAND on the iPad

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by grandmort, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. grandmort

    grandmort Elite Member Moderator

    I sold my first gen iPad and will get a mini retina and an air for my wife.

    I look forward to play BADLAND on them and see the difference...
    Lunartic, ogster, what do you think and what do you have to say? It came to my attention that a level like REACT, well... Things could get a bit easier, let's put it that way.

    Matt33, what's your weapon of choice, are you topping 2,500+ on an iPhone screen because, damn... You are going to break 3,000 on a tablet! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. Ben Thumbs

    Ben Thumbs Clone Master Moderator

    I'll never go back to gaming with any amount of seriousness on anything other than my iPad (for mobile games).
    I still muck around from time to time on my iPhone4 and iPhone5, but it's so much easier (for a sausage fingered dunder head like myself) to play games on my iPad. My iPad 2 is a couple of years old now and I'll more than likely buy whatever the latest version of iPad is out, sometime before the current tax season ends in Japan (April 2014). Then I'll be able to play multiplayer games against my 4yo with us both using iPads. :clap:
  3. Matt33

    Matt33 Well-Known Member

    I have an ipod touch 5, not even an iphone 5 which handles large clone amounts better in terms of fps. I've got piano fingers, so visibility/dexterity isn't an issue on the smaller screen. Is there something else better about the tablet? Do you not have to tap the screen as much to keep a controlled flight? Your comment about React intrigues me.
  4. grandmort

    grandmort Elite Member Moderator

    I believe control and tapping is exactly the same, I just think the "dynamics" and precision factor are slightly enhanced on a larger screen. I haven't tried yet but I'm pretty convinced I will be able to manage better than 71 on REACT once I give it a try on an iPad.

    See, I'm jealous, that's exactly what I'm talking about. The few games I've tried on my first iPad vs. my iPhone 4 a few years back were easier the handle on the larger screen.
  5. Wheat1328

    Wheat1328 Ultimate Survivor Moderator

    Don't do it grandmort!!! ;)

    It's pretty much cheating. Little screens unite!!!
  6. grandmort

    grandmort Elite Member Moderator

    Well, I did it, I'm a traitor! :mrgreen:
    My wife got her iPad Air yesterday (my mini has been ordered and should be here within 10 days) and so I immediately loaded BADLAND on there (you should have seen her face :lol: ) and gave it a try.
    The game already looks absolutely gorgeous on an iPhone Retina Screen but on the iPad's Retina it's simply STUNNING!

    Gameplay wise, I could see where for some levels it is indeed a little bit easier to maneuver through some parts.
    Of course I tried REACT and got 79 on my first try... and screwed it all up in those last opening and closing gates, I truly despise this level's ending.
    On something like CloneSpikes, I can easily pass the 70+ mark, even got a 76 without too much effort (I'm after your very impressive 82 Matt33!).
    On a level like BOLT, it was much easier to apply a cool tactic I've been working on for a while, and match Ogster's 19 within 20-30 minutes.

    Other than that I noticed slight frame rate issues in busy areas (usually where canons are firing, multiple saws, etc.), I'm a bit surprised about this because it's flawless on an iPhone 5 A6 chip, yet on the Air A7 chip it struggles a bit ( I think it obviously has to do with the screen size and the video rendering - 1136 x 640 versus 2048 x 1536 - we are talking massive amount of pixels here, 700K + vs. 3 millions +).

    So, yeah, if you can get your hands on a newer iPad, it's worth trying it with BADLAND, not a huge difference in the end (accessing the pause menu / restart checkpoint now sucks) but a difference nonetheless.

    I'll report on my iPad Mini once it gets here, for me it's the ideal format for gaming on the go, we'll see if I can break some of my scores on it as well.
  7. ogster

    ogster Elite Member

    i play on and ipod touch 4th gen, and i've tried playing on my nephew's ipad too. in the few times i played on the ipad, i find it a joy to navigate around and through obstacles. it's just plays easier and SMOOTHER compared to playing on a smaller screen and slower processor. when there's a lot going on or a high number of clones onscreen, playing on the smaller device offers heartbreaking problems like lagging or even stalling.

    i'm a fan of playing on the ipad, but i don't think i'll move to a the bigger screen anytime soon.

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