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Discussion in 'FROGMIND'S CHOICE & CONTESTS' started by Vicvic91, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. AKAI2002

    AKAI2002 Clone Master

    Any replay videos for this level?
    I really want to know more about this
  2. This level is awesome, @Baksbrown. Very innovative and original. I epesialy love the parts where the clones control a different clone. This is the best level I have ever played. Good job, Baksbrown.
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  3. 4522405DASH

    4522405DASH Hypercloner

    @Baksbrown Your levels suck and I always hated them because they are the most unoriginal and worst levels I have ever seen. I don't see any effort put into these levels because they are simply that bad. But it's opposite day
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  4. Baksbrown

    Baksbrown Hypercloner Beta tester

    Ah, reasonable criticism. Love it!
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  5. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    Very cool level! Thought I’ll never get less than 5 tries. Still have no idea how to explode one mine.

    The different clones parts are really great, took me some time to figure them out. Not sure if this is _the_ best level I ever played, but easily one of the best.
  6. Mr. X

    Mr. X Elite Member

    Great level Baksbrown your clone drones are definitely 100 times better than what I made for fun a year ago

    Would like a checkpoint to be added right after the button zone and before the puzzle where you need to spin a ring to activate a button because the button zone is quite hard and I skipped it and realized I skipped a lot and opened editor mode to find out I just skipped a very nice puzzle
  7. AKAI2002

    AKAI2002 Clone Master

    Thanks n0phun, I seek more vids from you:mrgreen:
    Oh, and this level....... I like the details, and love the idea! I want to play this and some other levels which people say great, but I can't
    Giving motion to other clones is wonderful
    Nice level dude
  8. Baksbrown

    Baksbrown Hypercloner Beta tester

    Which of mines you can't to explode?
    Thank you for the replay. Found some of non essential bugs. An update with fixes and background improvements will be today.
    Try to complete the last checkpoint without size down power ups. This zone is intended for big clone. It will be a new experience for you :)

    Oh, i didn't know that you did something like that o_O.
    Yes, i know that part is hard, but I can't to add checkpoint here cause Button zone and rings are related to each other.
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  9. The best level I have played that I have beat. I am not very good at playing levels, so...
  10. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    Had difficulties with this one:


    But solved, it’s only that you need enough speed/height. Damned mine didn’t want to explode in my first plays. :)

    I did the end with a much bigger clone, but found it to be easier this way, and as I was trying to reduce number of tries...
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  11. Baksbrown

    Baksbrown Hypercloner Beta tester

    Do you know that level has the secret ending?
    Try to find it.
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  12. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    Mmh. Any hints? Do I have to explode all mines before or something like that?
  13. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    Nice of you that it’s still a peaceful level. :)
  14. Vicvic91

    Vicvic91 Administrator Staff Member Frogmind

    All the mine and in 1 try... good luck ahah
  15. 4522405DASH

    4522405DASH Hypercloner

    Yeah, I was feeling kind when I was making it... or maybe i should buff it :mrgreen:
  16. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    Did the mines in one try, seems to me that Baksbrown nerfed access to the last one a bit. Anyway, too dumb to find the secret afterwards, but didn’t reach levels end.
  17. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    New achievement: explode this mine 15+ plays without any problems, then don’t explode it 5 plays in a row.

    I’m taking a break.
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  18. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    Did it now several times. Have wrong replays here, so no upload to Everyplay.

    According to Baksbrown only necessary to do the mines in one try and reach the buttons part. Then it’s allowed to die. After the buttons, the ring must be moved clock- and counterclockwise after the button above it was pressed. Picture from Baksbrown:


    The according numbers: -280, 40, -75. The line numbered 2 is a bit too short in my eyes. Anyway there are acoustical and visual hints if you did it right. Can’t describe the acoustic, you’ll hear it. Visual is the three red lights in the pic, they’ll lighten up if you did a part right, from top to bottom.

    Afterwards it’s only going on, there will be a new portal on the way leading to the end. Nice optics there:


    Not being able to upload a replay is kinda frustrating, especially after doing the one try more than once, with and without secret. Hope to do it on the iPhone later, where I have more difficulties with the buttons part.
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  19. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    It’s completely impossible to find this without using the level editor (for those who understand the editor), or the hints you gave me the last days. Nobody can find it by simply playing the level. Just stating.
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  20. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    Did it on the phone. First try to record it gave the same crappy results, but I just watched it to the end (*sigh*) and started recording again. Worked, for mystery reasons.

    The first red light is nearly invisible behind the ring, but the sound is a good indicator.

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