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Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by Smurphina, Feb 19, 2020.

  1. Smurphina

    Smurphina Member

    Hi everybody! After a year of playing I’ve finally joined this community ) And I have a few Qs, so maybe Vicvic91 or some old-timers could help me on those.
    First, how does it work with spreadsheets? You just put your name and record the best scores achieved?
    And second, after some latest iOS update I don’t have a button of recording the screen (( Is there another way to make videos of the most successful trials?
    Thanx for the answers!
  2. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    Hi Smurphina, welcome to the boards! Yes, simply put your name on top of a column and insert values. Format for time values requires a dot after the seconds instead of :, as you will see. For now I inserted your name in the online tab of the timetrial sheet. I may later move your and primesgenato’s column more to the left to make access a bit easier.

    As for uploading you have to use iOS own screen recorder, start it before pressing replay, stop after end of replay.
    I have the button for Screen Recording in Control Center (maybe added it myself):


    After you’ve got the recording you can upload it from within YouTube. I often had difficulties at that point, „Error uploading video“ or „Error preparing upload“, seem I must first edit the video before using YouTube. @primesgenato is uploading regularly :) so perhaps he knows how to make this easier.
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  3. Smurphina

    Smurphina Member

    Hi, n0phun! Thanks a lot for your help :) also, can we rewrite the records in the spreadsheet for the better ones?
    As for the videos, I will try your way though it’s not that I have many trials to show to the public. I mean videos are most valuable at time-to-beat games which @primesgenato is really cool at. Nobody would really care to watch how I’m doing my scores at survive-the longest levels ;)
    Ps. Glad you’ve returned in the game after not playing for half a year!
  4. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    You mean if you have inserted a value in a cell and get a better one some days/weeks later? Of course you can override the old value.
    Or do you mean the front of the row, the Record column? That's only to insert values from non-participants, if Vicvic or me (or you) see someone doing a new record. Often these values are outdated, I already deleted some as they were below the achieved values in the next column. I was the only one still inserting there as Vicvic has left BL2 and the forum, as you see there ain't much new posts here beside @primesgenato's.

    I'm interested. ;-) Really. Though I'm possibly one of very, very few, look at @primesgenato's YouTube vids, numer of viewers.

    But for too many of the Survive the longest levels I have no idea how too survive as long as you.

    Anyway, I'm even more interested in Save the Most Clones. If you start inserting in the sheet you will have many records there. Left behind from today for example. Your 121 is more than any participant of the sheet ever had (or inserted). Just fixed my 59 to 95 today. I may have had more (than 95, not 121!) once, but forgot to insert.

    Or your crazy 144 in Frost Rush, would like to see how that is done. Only learned how to get 130+ just by seeing it was possible from your results there.

    Yeah, thanks. :) But I will have to play a bit less again the next weeks. :angry:
  5. Smurphina

    Smurphina Member

    Yeah, it's sad that the forum had lost the activity and many leading players left BD2 or moved to Badland Brawl. I wish I had joined the online game earlier... Now it feels for me as if I've come to the fun party which is almost over :confused: And also, if I knew about spreadsheets with results I would have recorded my really good ones along the way.
    Well, at some levels there are clear winning paths to follow, and I can show them in my videos. Althouh I see that @ElK0305 posted his trials with really good time records at the forum and I believe my videos would be nothing new.
    Well, it's actually funny :blush: When I just started to play I was looking at your scores or those of @Roplo 36 and really wondered how you guys were doing it. I guess it only takes practice ) Unfortunately i haven't recorded Left Behind because it was not the best run I've ever had. I think, last time I did 131 at the level. For now I've made the videos of Speedfall and Vertical Race (thanx again for your instructions, they worked!) but I cannot post them because of the rule of 3 posts which I don't know how to bypass, except for actually making 3 posts and it shall take some time :neutral:
    Would like to see it myself! Since then I wasn't able to repeat it and I can't remember all the moves that led to that result :( I think you're doing great at Frost Rush, often better than me. And you're unbeatable at Furyfrost and Clonefrost levels! I tried hard but could not save as mush clones as you do, especially with bouncing ones.
    Again, it's a pity Frogmind neglect BD. I had some suggestions on developing the game like creating a daily competition where you have only 1 try to complete the level and the winner receives a fixed amount of points added to his general points and the rest participants don't receive points at all. Heh...
    You actually don't play all the levels and @primesgenato doesn't do Save the Clones or Survive the Longest. I always couldn't understand why :astonished:
  6. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    Thanks for the reminder, I nearly forgot about @ElK0305's videos, he posted them all on the same day, and they were never put in the spreadsheet. (Like @primesgenato's, but he has posted here nearly every week)

    This was your third. ;-) And you can post a link in your first post, it only has to be reviewed by a moderator. And there is always the spreadsheet if you grasp the format. You can copy an existing link there and just change it.

    Damn, got a new record yesterday in Furyfrost in my first try, didn't realize it was a record because it seemed so easy, and forgot recording. :(
    Always wanted to beat 161 there because three players have that value, so there was only one gold medal.

    Yep, a pity.

    I don't play all levels because I suck in too many of them, and in others it takes too many tries for me to get decent results.

    Thanks for adding your results to the spreadsheet today!
  7. primesgenato

    primesgenato Well-Known Member

    Hey there Smurphina! It's been quiet in the forum the past few years. I stopped playing for a long time, then I saw you and Laura Signorelli, Marcello_HUN, and others doing brilliant runs in 2019. And so I decided to join the party again. :mrgreen:
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  8. Vicvic91

    Vicvic91 Administrator Staff Member Frogmind

    Hey there! It’s nice to see you all still playing around with Badland 2 levels :)
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  9. jannick

    jannick New Member

    Only a few players here i guess
  10. Ferro

    Ferro New Member

    Hey all

    I also finally subscribed. Looking forward to understand how Smurphina crashes all my best runs in most of the levels
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  11. Smurphina

    Smurphina Member

    Hi, @primesgenato! I call you Primes usually) While I was inactive at the Forum, you’ve gone away from the game again :( I really enjoyed competing with you, it stretched my skills at many Time to Beat levels. So come back, let’s rock this game again! ;)
  12. Smurphina

    Smurphina Member

    Hey Ferro! I doubt I can explain how I do that :) I guess after playing for 1,5 years I’ve just mastered some levels to an autopilot mode) but I’m glad that several strong players are in Badland now, it’s definitely more fun to compete against tough opponents!

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