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    Clones Saved

    Add your own Clone Counts into the Clone Saving Spreadsheet >>HERE<<


    Note: This is just a simple "Survive with one try" playthrough to show off this level here in the Badlands Forum.
  2. Wheat1328

    Wheat1328 Ultimate Survivor Moderator

    FINALLY!!! A respectable score at least.

    I entered the finally stretch 1 size bigger than I should have been. Went in with 75, finished with 71. All it took was a couple beers apparently. ;)

    Now to try and do it being the correct size. 80+ is definitely possible for me I think (hope).
  3. Ben Thumbs

    Ben Thumbs Clone Master Moderator

    Nicely done!
    The end of this level absolutely destroys me and I'm dreading trying to get my 58 clones saved target here.
  4. Ben Thumbs

    Ben Thumbs Clone Master Moderator

    This level might be the downfall of my current clone save quest. I've wasted days here trying to get close to my VERY conservative target and have nothing to show for it. I've gotten through the saws in the mid 70s a bunch of times, only for 1 fricking clone to clip a mine and then I lose nearly all of them. I can get to the saws the speed and size I want maybe 1 in 20 attempts and then the mines get me tearing my hair out. Might have to forget about this and move on I think.
  5. Wheat1328

    Wheat1328 Ultimate Survivor Moderator

    This level totally dominated me for the longest time (and really, it still does). I failed and failed. Then put it off and put it off. Finally I went back to it last week and got a decent number. I'd still like to get 80+ but right now I'm in "putting it off" mode. Nothing can frustrate me as much as REACT can.
  6. ogster

    ogster Elite Member

    check out an 81 clone run on everyplay. you can see some room for improvement. you can see how the high 80s is a realistic target. It's a little long though.

  7. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    From the spreadsheet:
    Can confirm your count, I have set the number accordingly and did the formatting, seems you already set the new max (but see bottom of this post). Please someone recount for another confirmation.
    Clones in the level, in order of appearance (I write 3X10 when they are very close together:
    1 starting clone
    122 clones

    As for the max, why is it 101 (before: 91)? You have to sacrifice the whole first superclone, that's clear, and another superclone at the end is out of reach. That would leave 102. But there are more sacrifices to do, at least according to ogster's video. The two single ones, in order not to get the big powerup and later the time fasteners. More sacrifices needed on the way, and I really doubt that it is achievable (or even possible) to fly through the saws without losing one single clone. OTOH, B16DAZ's 93 is very near to 100. Would have liked to see the vid. Any opinions?
  8. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    I counted carefully so it shouldn't be wrong, so I'm sure it's 122 clones.

    As for the max, these are my factors of consideration:
    - First super clone power-up sacrificed.
    - The part where there are 2 pneumatic pistons that quickly spring out, I assume only 2 clones will pass at the end of that part. In ogster's video, he showed the singular clone avoiding one of the Big power-ups by sticking one at the saw. I assumed with enough effort, 2 may pass. 3 might be impossible, since the 2 clones must pass the saw one by one, if not the Big power up might get sacked to you. This is unsure.
    - Somehow, you could get the superclone powerup at the bottom path by splitting one clone there, and then making the 11+ clones join back the main fleet. I'm not sure how possible is that, but somehow it occurred to me it IS possible. Dunno.
    So that's how 101 clones add up. :)
  9. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    Wow...was just talking about this level and then suddenly I decided to go and try it to get more clones! So finally in quite some time already, I returned to Badland for a while. Tried a few levels here and there and decided to try React.

    Result: A couple of tries later and got that 57 I have now. Not that crazily hard as I previously imagined. Last part with the spikes and mines was quite easy and had no trouble not triggering mines.

    There's still improvements to make. I think I missed a Small power up and also could had avoided another Big power up. A few more mistakes here and there...
  10. ogster

    ogster Elite Member

    i took a different approach. i avoided the two big power-ups at the start to stay as small as possible throughout the level. avoiding both also resulted in missing the slow power-up, but it made getting through that stage easier being a notch faster. when i arrive at the pistons, i try to get as many as possible through. that means i pick up both enlargers and at least one fast power-up (where ALL can be avoided when keeping only one clone). this is where the numbers come in, i think. i sometimes get as much as 6 through, for a potential 96 clone run.

    it is possible to not lose a clone through the saws. you need to shape your swarm (using the ceiling) in such a way to avoid the last few saws. then you decide whether to sacrifice one clone to get smaller. then call on all known gods to not let you screw up the rest of the way.

    i tried only a few times as this level takes the life out of me everytime.
  11. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    Actually, it's possible to avoid both Big powerups but grab the Slow powerup. I've done that once, but found too much trouble going through the cannons during the stickies in normal size, so I abandoned the plan.

    I decided to set the max down based on your advice of 6 through the pistons and the saw afterwards. I really doubt taking the bottom path for just one superclone powerup is actually possible without losing too many clones. Personally, I could quite easily get about 8 to the pistons part, but it's just a matter of how many can actually clear the saw.

    Just retried this level again. As always, I feel that it's the sections before the area with lots of saws and superclones that are hard to clear (Avoiding all the Big and Fast powerups). Basically, the last part with mines and spikes isn't so bad for me cos I never trigger any of the mines at all. Though it's a frustrating part where some clones can be locked out without care. But it's not so bad for me. Improved by a measly 3 clones today, but will be back for more soon, hopefully! :)
  12. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    Last night I thought let's play React again. Been a while, and have to say with the more experience I seem to have now it really was better doable. See a lot of potential for increasing my clonecount here, most runs did end somewhere around high 80's or 90/91. Most of those runs more would've been possible, but I'd screw up a bit early. But then there was this run... Can really knock myself to the head by letting 12 clones go at the end, otherwise I think (if all went accordingly) it would've been a 96 run.

    If someone wonders why I move that strange at the part where 2 sticky powerups, 2 clones and a speed-up powerup fall down through those portals, it's to try to avoid the speed-up powerup. Sometimes works, sometimes it doesn't (and sometime it makes you skip a sticky so you can restart...).

    [Video deleted, replaced by the one down below]

    /Edit: Last round I also had 96 left after the slooooow part, and got all through the sticks+mines part. Unfortunately lost 1 with that spinning wheel/sticks thing, and 2 were left behind while leaving that part towards the size-up/portal. Still left me with 93, so went up 2 clones. Let's see if we can make it towards the second half of 90 :)

  13. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    ....Grmbl just had 2 rounds within the last hour with a big chance at 95. How to ruin runs, play React. First one lost a bunch between the slow/saw-part, but remained with 96 till the final part (just after taking the last clone-powerups). Stupidly lost 1 right at the first stick/mine, after that I reaaaally f'ed up having one clone been shot forward, tried to follow it fast enough but lost 15 clones like that... Last run I entered the slow/saw-part with 57 (giving chance for a 96-run), and after taking the last clone 95 remained (so only lost friggin 1 clone in between :evil: ). How I love React, right at the last part of the stick/mine some got behind a bit, so waited with the rest, when they finally could get towards the big group 4 got splashed :cry: :cry: :cry:

    Damn it, damn React.

    :mrgreen: I love/hate Badland.
  14. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    So, situations like these... (run from yesterday, just after posting the above post):

  15. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    Yes we can, finally... :D

    I almost always lose 2 clones like you see at 3:31. I wonder if this really can be avoided and let all clones alive in that part. Otherwise 98 might even be the maximum here. I'm satisfied with 96 for now though :D
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