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Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by Flamingjazz, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. Flamingjazz

    Flamingjazz Hardcore Gamer Moderator

    I’m posting this cause I notice that the Forum is definitely quieter than it used to be. “It’s quiet in here” as Barnadvisor would say.
    Back in the day, this forum was a lot more alive. Pre the level editor, there was an air of competition evident in how <|-|!<0 was hitting 3000 clones and FBI Light Rock and grandmort were, among others, competing for the in game achievements and a leaderboard. Lots of videos of how to get high scores and comments about the game were made.
    The level editor rolled around and the Forum burst with activity, bringing in hundreds of new Forum members. Lots of level promoting and contests and how to beat so and so’s level. I suppose the Leaderboard and achievement replay value was perhaps diminished but we also had badland 2, which was harder than badland 1 in my opinion. That brought content. And some competition

    Now that you have a history of the Forum in a nutshell, and seeing that Badland Brawl has its own Forum, I’m promoting the idea via a thread of asking what you all think that we can do to revitalize this, (if at all,) or if we’ve pretty much saved the forest from the bots.
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  2. AKAI2002

    AKAI2002 Clone Master

    Yea I was also feeling like this
    I come here almost all the time I get my tab
    But I won't see any members here
    Once I really asked why
    I thought it was because of the timezone differences
    Well no posting doesn't mean that
  3. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    Ah. I think BADLAND is actually a pretty old game already, and hasn't been updated in some time featuring new content, and since BADLAND 2 had no level editor, there's little to talk about the newer BADLAND. There are still some threads here and there regarding the original BADLAND's level editor and player created levels, but BADLAND is pretty much abandoned and players are gradually moving away (like myself, unfortunately :(). I presume the pros like @<|-|!<0 and @Straitorden have moved on with BADLAND to other games.

    Maybe I'm a little surprised that active BADLAND 2 online players like @Neopard, @RocksInMyHead & @McSketchy aren't talking much, like posting videos to constantly find new strategies to get better times on time trials.

    Plus, I've been seldom coming online because I have a busier life than I had when the forums were more alive.
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  4. <|-|!<0

    <|-|!<0 Dr. Doomsday

    Unfortunately BADLAND is in the past. I would probably still play it if the game worked flawlessly but the newer the ios the worse it gets, so that helped me losing the interest that was already fleeting fast.

    Only Playing Brawl and COC now.

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  5. McSketchy

    McSketchy Active Member

    I am playing Badland Brawl which has taken me away from BL2 online.

    I needed to switch to a game that I had a chance of beating <|-|!<0.

    Badland will always be special to me.

    FYI, Neopard and RocksInMyHead are playing BB as well.
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  6. AKAI2002

    AKAI2002 Clone Master

    I play BL2 everyday for daily challenges and the main game every week, but as I am having exams everyday (I dunno why, it's everyday) I can't play really well but I broke my own record the time I played tho (+3 clones in orbital way)
    I don't know what happens when BLB releases for Android and other countries.....
  7. 4522405DASH

    4522405DASH Hypercloner

    I quit BL Brawl! So play COC and GD now. (Please, I have my reasons why I quit)
  8. AKAI2002

    AKAI2002 Clone Master

    Btw what is GD? I got so many full forms of that but nothing like a game:mrgreen:
  9. 4522405DASH

    4522405DASH Hypercloner

    Geometry Dash
  10. AKAI2002

    AKAI2002 Clone Master

    Yea.. I wanted to play that but no space left again for that
    Now I'm waiting for BLB Android version
    And till then I'm playing BADLAND 2 daily challenges and trying to save more clones in it, and a game called Zombie catchers, where we make juice out of zombies :mrgreen:
    And yea Goosebumps, where we should find a music box with the help of earphones, best at night ;P
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