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    Time Trial


    Post your time trial scores in the Timetrial spreadsheet!

    Mission, Clone & Time Trial Replays
    Upload your videos to YouTube and post your videos here! Post your awesome clone scores here!
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    Just nailed this one today! :mrgreen: Revolve is literally nail-bitting! The 1st is very pro and practically makes no mistakes at all! Other than the part where the saw and the rapidly oscillating beam is...

    So it's important to nail that part right! Here's a hint on how I beat the 1st: You don't have to one try the level. :)

    Left with Flamer...
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    This is the most easy of all ! Ahah :)
    The secret is in the cube with bombs... You have to be propulsed by 1 bomb to beat the 1st ghost ! :)
  4. FBI Light Rock

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    Tried that and it's a little hard to balance at the edge and be propelled correctly. But it gives a great boost!

    Here's my technique: At the part after that moving cube platform, at the final set of saws where you must drop nearly vertical, after you get bounced off the oscillating platform and passed the tip of the hexagon shape, RESTART checkpoint.

    You'll be respawned there with little time penalty due to the close proximity of the checkpoint. The advantage to this is that it is very likely you will lose some cushions to the final set of saws, so you might die later on. Also, the oscillating platform propels you in unexpected ways, so it's hard to sail smoothly through the next set of curvy platforms.
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    2 more hints to get boost :
    . in the 1st cube that rotate : you can accelerate next to the 5th/6th rotation and jump on the next part without dying
    . in the rock that rotate : you can jump just after passing the water, you will go speedly to the next zone without touching any wall and get a big boost

    With all those hints, it's very easy to get the 3 missions :)
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    I have an interesting strategy I've never gotten to work quite right, but it would be highly effective. On the part with the moving platform and the 4 bombs that fall on it, let the first one hit you instead of the platform. Then, spin to the left, and try to get the bomb beneath and to the left of you. When it explodes, it can launch you past that entire area. It might not be possible to actually hit the far side with it, but I've gotten pretty close.
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    On the .5 race mode of this level, I just got a score of 23.05. Beating second place by over 3.5 seconds. Would anyone like the strategy? I can't upload the video, it's too big.
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    So apparently it's possible to get frozen by the laser during the split second it turns off. This results in a mobile frozen clone.
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  11. Hj326

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    Figured out how to upload the whole thing. Here:
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    Ping @Johannes @Teemu
    It's a buuuug, but very cool to see :)
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    it's first i didn't really care for the race levels at all...but now, i've come to kind of enjoy them...they are extremely well put together with cool puzzles you have to do...the only real hard part is obviously beating the other 'players'....but after playing each level a couple of times, you start to get it down, and i've been able to comin in first in all the racing levels except in 'fury' in inferno and the one infiity level...but i assume more practice and i should be able to do it eventually...i take back what i said, frogmind, very cool levels indeed (and the controls are flawless with the rolly's :))
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    My 1st impression was the same ! So hard, but when I realize that there is a "perfect" play possible, those levels are very fun ! :)

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