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    thanks again, for the update vivic....yea, i noticed it too when i saw the update for ios this morning...this is such bullsh*t imo, i mean, even the little things about game center don't work, like i STILL can't get it to show that i completed 'jungle' for badland 2, but it shows all the other achievements i got?...and it's like this for many other new games i've gotten...i like to see the achievements i get, and i just plain like getting's half the fun for me to be perfectly honest.

    i feel real bad for the people who actually need to use gamecenter to play their specific game(s) and can't because of how crappy gamecenter is.

    apple just won't listen apparently.

    it's good that developers like frogmind listen (for example) and make adjustments or fixes when people give them feedback...they don't just brush them aside like's not right
  3. dubz131

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    update on gamecenter bs:

    i figured out a way around getting achievements if they don't show up at first if anyone has the same problem (and you don't have to lose all your badland 2 data, clones, missions, etc.!)

    for the longest time it said i didn't get the achievement for beating 'jungle'...which just bugged i tried a few differnet things and it's all good there is a way if your like me and need to 'get them all'
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  4. Vicvic91

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  5. 18111398

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    Well Game Center is always glitched as well... I met so many problems, such as name automatically changed I mentioned in another thread, white screen death as Vicvic mentioned above, achievement acquirement bug as dubz131 mentioned above, and furthermore, auto-logout, Sandbox mode mysteriously on, leaderboard don't keep track of my scores, and many many more...
    Sorry to complain this here but I can't help myself doing that, because it really almost drove me insane... Luckily these problems seem to disappeared for me at present, but may new bugs appear later...
  6. Good_Smile

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    Can someone explain me how to get these missions? I have absolutely no idea, it says "Finish first". What finish first? Finish writing an essay first? Finish washing your dishes first? Finish him first? (got it?) I watched the video, didn't understand anything. Help pls :tearsofjoy: @Vicvic91 @dubz131 @<|-|!<0 @FBI Light Rock
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    You have to be ahead of all the ghost clones. Videos unfortunately don't show the ghosts, so I can understand where you're coming from. Just do well, and don't screw up too much (especially don't die if possible, though certain stages one or 2 deaths is fine). You can think of these levels as a time trial instead - just beat the timing and you'll come in first.
  8. Good_Smile

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    This is getting interesting, I just opened the game and seems like it deleted my progress xD
    I opened it just to have a look, as far as I remember, I didn't have any ghost clones on this level (even after playing it again a couple of times). Is there anything that I have to touch at start or anything else? This is so weird...
  9. Vicvic91

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    @dubz131 you are too good in this timetrial level !
    I'm coming closer to your timer, but still insane to beat :)

    I just got back the 2nd place, @FBI Light Rock you are nº3 now :)
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  10. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    I wish I could hate this post instead...:mrgreen:

    Wow you beat my Rush timing too, I thought that one was a real tough nut to crack!

    Almost there for Gravity Break, pretty sure with a bit more playing you'll beat me. Green Zone wtf....:eek:
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  11. Vicvic91

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    Looks like @dubz131 is now the new nº2 :)
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  12. dubz131

    dubz131 Bot Lover

    haha, my hat is off to you sir...i'm honestly just better at the actual racing levels (where the goal was always to beat the time), as opposed to the regular levels i simply can't seem to beat any of the times (even for the jungle levels)...i'm always off by like 2-6 seconds and i have no idea how to make it up to win.

    but thanks for the compliment and it was nice being in first for a day :) I knew that would change, tho

    edit: i should say though, now that i have all the missions and secrets (except those 2 evil ones) i will focus on knowing the ins-and-outs of each level to try and beat the times...i've only beatin 13 level times so far...sooo not that good; going to need to practice

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