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    Clones Saved

    Add your own Clone Counts into the Clone Saving Spreadsheet >>HERE<<


    Note: This is just a simple "Survive with one try" playthrough to show off this level here in the Badlands Forum.
  2. Ben Thumbs

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    I managed to get up to 19 clones saved here in two attempts, which is 1 clone over what my target was.
    Happy enough with that number ATM but I can see there's room here for improvement without too much difficulty.
  3. n0phun

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    There never was a video linked in the spreadsheet, yesterday I accidently found one on Everyplay and linked it. Clean play and 26 saved, only three under the currently achieved max of 29. Had difficulties with this level, I had no recollection how I got 27 on my phone. Up to 25 now on Android, and rising (I hope).

    There is one other thing: the very first big powerup can be jumped. Lucked twice some minutes ago, can be done from checkpoint, and is at the edge of my skills because there is so little space. So, needs many tries. ;-) And Badland tends to crash on my tablet after many retries from a checkpoint, so I won't go on today.

    Did any of the players with 29 did this to get their score? It isn't needed for 29, I think, but might help for more.
  4. phil

    phil Well-Known Member

    I read your post and improved from 28 to 29, but I don't find a way to dodge the first big power up.
    Doing this would offer easy ways breaking the 30s :)
  5. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    I'll post some pictures today, or Google Drive link(s). Not as good as a vid, but may give an idea. Took forever to do it the first time. ;-)

    This was the one time I only let him drop and then jumped almost instantly. Normaly I had to drop him and let him roll back a little (and often the bastard powerup catches him before), so it is only a very short tap (from checkpoint) for he is not to be moved in direction of the powerup before he touches ground. Afterwards you just fly and hop the powerup. Somehow. As I said, edge of my skills, but it seem it's going better with practice.
  6. Hedge

    Hedge New Member

    That was my video you found, it is definitely possible to skip the enlarger by checkpointing but completing the rest is very tough. You don't have the very first power up if you checkpoint so it's much quicker. I've only seen it skipped first go once.
  7. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    Hi Hedge, welcome to the boards! Hoped you would join. I tried a few runs after skipping the powerup today and it is really tougher. Easy to die between the stones afterwards, and you have less weight on the rotating thingies where you don't want to go too high. It's really quicker there. But I had once twelve or so to the next part, only they tend not to stay together and so most were sawed. I'll try more often, with and without this enlarger.
  8. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    Knew about that possibility yes, but believe I didn't use it for my 29 run. Most of the times when I missed that first clone though were through a different way. If you start of and take your time, and let the canon at the start shoot a load at you (not that kind of load you filthy minds!), you can try to let most of those stones past underneath you. You need to find feeling for this, but when you do know how to let it shoot at you, you'll get the stones about where you want. Best case is to have a few stones pass the size-up, while one touches it. By touching it the size-up gets from his stuck place, and moves a liiitle to the left. But this makes things easier to attract it. If you're unlucky and a stone hits it in the front, the size-up most of the times starts rolling but gets stuck right away by the stone that shot it, since the stones not passing the size-up mostly don't roll back to the left. Now, when you have a size-up that's free from his starting position, those other stones that passed it knock the stone a couple of meters ahead down at the mine, making it explode. In some cases, still a lucky shot, the size-down gets blown past the size-up towards you. You're down one size then already making it easier to miss the size-up. Sometimes a stone from the explosion knocks the size-up to the left as well (or even the explosion itself), giving you more room to miss the size-up.

    Perhaps your way is a lot more doable N0phun, haven't tried it I believe. When I last played this one I had spend hours of trying to do the above thing making it happen only a few times, and almost all or really all didn't make it to the end. Later gave up and did without, still getting 29 clones. Been a few months though where I've learned a lot in between, so might give it a try again. Two things btw; 1 - Just after the part with the rotating thingies you've mentioned, you can roll up and stop when you start to attract 1 or 2 of the size-ups waiting for you there. If you then back down a bit (watch out with losing clones though) those size-ups fall down, so you'll be a lot smaller. But watch out at the bottom that you don't accidentally still take them! Don't know whether I did miss those size-ups or not in my 29 run. 2 - At the next part I believe I preferred getting my clones collected as a bunch down (at that thing sticking over the mine) instead of at the ceiling. Not sure if this activates the mine down there so I always just broke down that platform Hedge left be so the mine was gone when I got my clones packed there. Don't know what's better but believe you get a more tight pack like this.

    Offtopic: *$(%# damn Speedball, a few hours back got 23 clones past that sticky canon etc, even 1 or 2 sizes down from my 66 run video. Totally screwed up there (or the level started hating me), going to the end when I took the bouncy powerup to not be sticky anymore the cord it hangs on started to get longer (kind of like that size-up at the end of React), crushing several of my (22 left) clones and getting a few stuck in some corners that shouldn't happen... 66 left for the end, bye chance at 72. Damn it :evil:
  9. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    See the new video by Badland Bulldog (just linked it in the spreadsheet); that totally just explains what your first paragraph said! :)

    Regarding the second paragraph about letting the Big ppower - up dislodge and drop with another Big power - up, I thought of that too but just had no chance to try it yet.

    Damn, but hey, one fine day you'll get your 72. No wait, definitely higher than that. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    Already thought I'd better record it since seeing is a lot easier to understand than reading it, good find :) Though on my Windows Phone also this level (and also Snappy Crash) seem to suffer from that bug I posted about in News & Misc. Since you didn't notice it N0phun/Phil etc, I finally think I can safely say the bug is limited to my OS (even though I don't know about Blackberry but don't know anyone who plays on that) right? If so, I'll notify Frogmind about it, hope it gets solved. But about this level, it makes it rather hard to play with that bug. Since those stones just float around after they've hit anything, they get in your way while trying to dodge that first size-up. It is possible sometimes though, but the tries I had on my Galaxy SIII were a lot easier (even dodged the size-up like the movie from Badland Bulldog first try there...).

    You don't need that explosion per se btw, also managed to skip the size-up without. A lot harder but it's possible. The way you described N0phun, from checkpoint, I remember I did do that before yes, but now I know again why I didn't like that. Like said above by Hedge you miss that first slow-down powerup, and it makes playing through a lot harder. But it is A LOT more easy to skip the size-up like that indeed, most of the times I tried this I skipped the size-up within a minute or so. Thing is when you drop yourself you need to lay still there for a tiny while, to let the size-up get near you. Right at the end you have to jump it then. Your mind gets conflicted about this though, when you drop it already starts to get on your way automatically making you want to jump again. But if you do that, it doesn't swing past you far enough to lose it, it will when you wait a little before jumping again.

    Almost had 30 yesterday, without missing that first size-up. Just really at the end from those saws at the mine I stupidly lost 1, leaving 29 again. Shows 30 is also possible without skipping the first size-up.

    @FBI Light Rock: Believe that dislodge/drop won't really work now. You'll lose a number of clones in doing so (left behind) and there's a big chance you even take all size-ups when the remaining once have dropped. So skip that advice/option I said above ;P. Some advice that does help though; right before those powerups when you enter that hallway, don't roll up against the ceiling. A number of clones get left behind like this, since you roll up faster and faster. Instead make small jumps against the ceiling, this will have all the clones sort of move at the same velocity towards the end of that hallway, leaving less clones behind.

    (On Speedball; I hope so... last hour even had up to 26 clones past that sticky canon, but most of the times I got too big. Size seems key there, if you're too big you won't be able to dodge as many speed powerups as you want, and that again results in byebyeclonesaw :( ).
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