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    Clones Saved

    Add your own Clone Counts into the Clone Saving Spreadsheet >>HERE<<


    Note: This is just a simple "Survive with one try" playthrough to show off this level here in the Badlands Forum.
  2. <|-|!<0

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    39 on sewers, what the hell?

    I'm very curious about this one, just wow.
  3. ShiV

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    I added a little video on youtube as premovie towards the ending of Straitorden with 38 clones. Combine this and 41 could be made :)

    And after that you should play like Straitorden already showed
  4. ShiV

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    I have no trouble at getting all 11 clones past the saws now, but getting those 11 through the narrow hallway still is a bitch. It really is best to have the above posted situation happen but unfortunately that doesn't happen too often. So most of the times I get 11 past the saws but retry from checkpoint again since I don't dare to continue while taking both sizes up. Afraid I lose a few making me play all over again. Still would be best if I got there smaller and slower, and got all 11 past the saws. If I was smaller already than standard taking those size-ups wouldn't matter that much, and being slower would help for the rest of the level. Still that's a one-shot opportunity that until now always went wrong, after that you start at the checkpoint again being normal size and speed :(
  5. phil

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    and there's always 1 left :D ...but 41 are possible, yes
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  6. ShiV

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    I hate you :D Damn the amount of time I put into this one (among Unbutton and Gravity) last 2 weeks is huge, hope to get this done as well soon. Great playing! (and a bit of luck of course as well in having just 1 remain ;P)

    I'm wondering though, perhaps it is better to be a size up in the end... The big problem in this level is to get all 11 through the hallway right at the beginning, at least when you took the superclone + both sizes up. I'm starting to really understand how to get the superclone too, in or even past that hallway a lot better. The normal thing to do then would be like you did, trying to miss 1 or both of the sizes up. But what if the superclone almost got through it, and you let the single clone take 1 and attract the other size up enough to also let it be taken (right at the end, or just after the hallway). That way you will be regular sized at that time, makes it harder to get all the clones through the small passages at the ending but at the end, where a few of the clones get stuck, being a bit bigger might help to get all clones over.
  7. n0phun

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    Seconded. ;)

    I never got the superclone through like that except once today, got 7 through the hallway and - what else - messed up the end. But surely 41 are possible. Might it even be 42? There is one more clone before the superclone, is it possible to get both and the superclone through? Anyone tried already? Would be a one try run without using that checkpoint, so not very probable.

    Never noticed the reason why your clones got stuck there in the vids, that might be it.
  8. phil

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    Trying to get through that superclone felt like an eternity and than it happened to me for the first time.
    I nearly left 1 or 2 behind at the last hallway but tried to stay calm.
    One of you will reach 41, I think :) I believe in you. 42 seems to be impossible o_O

    [edit]"to get it through" means past the 2 size-ups, because you need to dodge at least 1 of them[/edit]
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  9. ShiV

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    Chances would be slim to none, but there's always a chance. Problem is with 2 clones you only have 1 shot. I don't have any problems at getting 11 clones past all saws, but I still would have to go through the hallway and that's hard if both size-ups are taken. With 2 clones it would even become more difficult. So normally you would react on that by either already missing 1 or even 2 size-ups prior to this part, missing 1 or 2 speed powerups or a combination of these. 2 problems with being smaller:

    1. Attraction towards the superclone appears different, sometimes you attract it before entering the blowing part already or miss it completely. Or when you did it right you might not attract it enough into the right direction in between the saws so you'll lose it as well.
    2. You're blown into pieces a whole lot easier being small, clones react different to the wind like this.

    So smaller isn't the best option, or perhaps 1 at most. Slower would help, but don't get too slow because this also has effect on how to properly attract the superclone etc. So best option in my eyes would be to be as close to normal as possible, but perhaps being 1 speed slower. And mayyyyyybe 1 size down. Being slower would give you more time (even if you're at normal size) to get 12 past the hallway, and if perhaps you get lucky with one size down and get all 12 past that would help a lot. But only getting 12 to the other side is hard I suppose, since the most we've tried was to get the superclone there with just 1 clone. 2 clones make the attraction between them and superclone different + you're depending on a big pile of luck, have one clone being just a tad to high/low/close/far astray/etc and you'll mess up.

    Should it be possible? Yes. Will it happen? Doubt it, you need all the luck in the world to achieve it (or find the magical button to let the blowers stop ;P).

    Now I hate you even more :( first time damn it and then this result :D Believe I had it happen today a few times already, even though I barely played it yet. Some huge F'ups and some pretty good results (35 or so).

    At first it feels rather random to let it follow you, I know it feels like eternity (believe the first few times I tried it took about 2 till 3 hours I got it done, straight up nuts). But if you compare your video with mine you'll see it's pretty much the same. From checkpoint, don't straight away start jumping over the superclone, but first move a bit towards it. Then make a swift jump over it so it swirls around you, and the moment it's past you jump after it already, so it's like you're trying to make a run for it. Most of the times I tried or saw this situation happen, one would - after the superclone swirls around the clone - wait a bit to long, making the superclone hit the saws on the other side already. Like this it would get stuck, or sometimes might do what you want. If you don't do that but follow almost instantly, you will get to the superclone once it's around (or just past) the second saw (the one above). If you're lucky and don't already take the superclone here, this will be your best chance that it follows you. Sooner will most of the times end up in taking the superclone to early and later would most likely get the superclone get stuck down there or you would take it, yes you have 11 clones (or 10, 9...) alive and well but in come the size-ups and hello says the hallway.

    /Edit: Of course other things are possible as well, 1 or 2 days back I once had it happen that I already took the superclone before the hallway, just at the end of getting blown to the right. In my way up (saving the clones from the final saw) I attracted the left size-up just enough for it to roll to the left. Most of the times you already let the clones get to the hallway to fast once this happens so you'll attract it back again and take it anyway, but this time it rolled just enough to the left to not be taken. That way I got 11 through as well. Who knows there's a much better way than I said up here, but I believe that is for now the best option on getting your clones through.

    @n0phun; If it's still to hard to succeed in doing this then you might just leave trying to get the superclone in the hallway for later, and first try to get more clones by taking the superclone in front of it already. (Most likely) Doesn't let you get all 11 clones through but I believe I've had up to 9 clones through like this. That already makes for an option to up your clonecount. How to easily get 11 clones before the hallway is to wait just a tad longer then I said above, so the superclone might already has hit the last saw once or twice (or can have stopped moving at all already). You at least have the superclone to the other side already, leaving just 1 saw to worry about then instead of 3. Advice (counts for both playing like this and in trying to get the superclone into the hallway): Don't pull up to soon. It's better to let your clone bump into the floor underneath the second saw at first and then pull up, you'll get a extra upward force. If you pull your clone up before it hit the floor it has a big chance it will fly into either the upper but more likely the last saw, since it doesn't have that upward force.
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  10. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    Thanks for the advice! I'll stick to Riddler for now, due to limited time, will use this later.

    BTW Sewers is one of the levels changed since publication. Watch the embedded video in the first post, at 1:49 the fast powerup is before the small passageway, not after. Can't remember I ever played this in that version, but perhaps I have.
    Would have been a *lot* easier to avoid it and some of the big powerups after the passage. But, as you said, too small would not be good here...
  11. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    Wow indeed you're right, can't remember if that's how I first played it a little over a year ago but believe that edit must have been before that already. But you're right, small adjustments seem to be rather common like this.

    Few hours ago I started Clonetron again, hadn't played that one for a while. Was in for a few seconds when I thought whut the hell? Why am I so slow. Restarted and just then saw there's only one speed powerup right at the beginning, second one is a bit further. So you can suddenly play a whole lot slower there. If you play like you always would but leave out that second speed powerup it only works against you though, but I wonder if the level (lasertiming etc) will fit if you take the slower powerup somewhere around 1/3rd into the level and missing that second speed powerup at the start. Still, why change when it didn't have the need to be changed...
  12. ShiV

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    Sooooo this just happened to me. 1-try of Sewers, but instead of 1 size and 1 speed slower I was 1 size and 2 speed slower. Either way I screwed up, but now we know it is a possibility. Still think with 2 will be pretty impossible.

    For those interested I have this run recorded, will upload if anyone wants to see it :)
  13. n0phun

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    Anyone on mobile, pls send PICS!
  14. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    Not really sure what you mean right there?
  15. n0phun

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    I'd like to see the video, please upload. ;-)
  16. ShiV

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    Here you go :) :

    Something I should mention though. The run before this one (this one followed straight away) I started at that checkpoint, pulled the superclone with me, and took it somewhere in the tunnel. Not really sure anymore whether I took 1 or none of the size-ups, had another few possible 41-runs this morning so. Anyway, in that run I failed in skipping a speed powerup, so was at normal speed when I arrived at the last section. Lost 1 clone in the tunnels, so had 40 clones at the end. So didn't miss any speed powerups, only took the 2 slow ones at that end section, and was 1 or 2 sizes down to normal. Got 38 clones again like this... In the above video I am also 1 size down to normal, and 2 slower, yet I still didn't get all the clones that were possible (so not counting the ones I already lost). Not sure if this has to do with speed, size, or just plain dumb luck.

    One thing that would help at the end with the one or two remaining clones is perhaps to don't touch the screen for a little longer then how you're trying to let them roll up. If those clones start a little lower, they gain more speed giving a bigger chance of getting over that last bump. Problem is the rest of the clones on the right that already did pass; they normally are pressed towards the ceiling while trying to get the last one or two clones towards them. If you don't press the screen for a tiny while of course also they will start falling down, and since the floor only gets lower and lower towards the right they will start rolling away from the clones that are still stuck. So that will limit the time (or even completely cancels the option) you have in getting the last few over as well.
  17. phil

    phil Well-Known Member

    Finally got 41 (dodging 2 size-ups and failed missing the speed-up).
    I'll upload a video maybe in about a week, if anyone is interested :)
    ..wasn't that hard, even in normal speed

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  18. ShiV

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    Always interested, show 'em! :)
  19. phil

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