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Discussion in 'FASTEST TIME TO FINISH' started by Vicvic91, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. Vicvic91

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  2. RocksInMyHead

    RocksInMyHead Elite Member

    I didn't know that it was possible to run this in less than 40 seconds...until I did it :p
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  3. Baksbrown

    Baksbrown Hypercloner Beta tester

    Hey, you're cheater! You're restart on checkpoint twice. first time on 0:16 and 2nd time on 0:26.
    Well, i understand that it's legal, but it spoils the impression of this speedrun. Although in general I admit that it is awesome passing.
  4. RocksInMyHead

    RocksInMyHead Elite Member

    Lol, I used to cuss when I played against player's shadows that restarted at checkpoints. But then I gave in to doing it myself because it was the only way I was ever going to win certain levels because all the other top scorers were doing it. And, it still takes a certain amount of timing skill in order to hit the pause button at the precise times, no? :)

    That's a mighty strong accusation there, mister! :tongueclosed:
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  5. Neopard

    Neopard Member

    Congratulation @RocksInMyHead You beat my personal best which is 39.883. Have you considered starting to put your awsome highscores into the Online Records tab in the Timetrial Mode spreadsheat? Someone has already made a column for you and put in a few of your scores at a certain timepoint. Not many players participate in this, but it would be great to see your best scores there (even if I know that most of my gold medals will be lost if you do).

    @Baksbrown Restarting at checkpoints is not cheating, it's part of the game.
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  6. RocksInMyHead

    RocksInMyHead Elite Member

    Ah hah! Now I remember, I think it must've been you that asked me that before, right before this forum went down for a couple of weeks. Yes, I should put my scores on the spreadsheet :p . I've neglected that in favor of gardening, cooking, hiking, rock collecting, getting the new house fixed up the way we want it... always something, right? I was wondering how other people felt about restarting at checkpoints. I was even against it at one time, but now see that it's part of the game, and fine to use.
  7. Neopard

    Neopard Member

    No, I have not asked you that before. Could it be @n0phun ? It was he that asked me to put my online highscores into the spreadsheet.
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  8. RocksInMyHead

    RocksInMyHead Elite Member

    It could've been...anyway, you reminded me, and that's good.
  9. McSketchy

    McSketchy Member

    @RocksInMyHead re: restarting at checkpoints:
    I see it as another strategy in the game. As you learn the levels, you find tricks like bombs to propel you forward, and working the checkpoints seems to be the same thing.
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  10. RocksInMyHead

    RocksInMyHead Elite Member

    I also see it as a strategy now. But when I was newer to the game, it just seemed like a cheat. Of course, that just meant that I didn't know how to exploit it, lol. Eventually I found it to be another tool to be used in my box of tricks. Anyway, I can see where @Baksbrown can get the idea that it's a cheat. But it's really just another way to get a better score, and totally legal.

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