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    I think it would be better to add a new speed up bonus at the last part of the level.
    I had lots of problems about the last part, and probably an error by saving my level, the last part was totally deleted (except the checkpoint and the final tube)
    So the end of the level is a lot useless I Though it's better to add a speed bonus to give more dynamism. Thanks
  3. Patrick Buffa

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    @ZEARTYSHOW it still is an amazing level that you made there. The best part is the scaled balls. I really liked the way you made the small to big method. Great job.
  4. Vavje

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    Yes, seems there is a following camera at the end. Camera goes back to the left at the end tube, till there are no more clones to wait for.
    Great level anyway !


    Oh, Thanks Vavje :)
    I Think the following camera at the end was added before publishing the level in the Eternal Day, to make easier the collect of the clones.
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  6. Vavje

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    Perhaps too easier. Got 31 clones due to this following ;)
  7. <|-|!<0

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    Top notch level right here, amazing work dude.
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    I wish you would turn off the part where you can't move the clone, where it explodes mines to get trhough the saws, im trying to save more than 31 clones and i can't because i'm smaller and after the bomb explodes i can survive but can't keep moving.
  9. Vavje

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    Hehe ! Is this stop moving clone through the saws a tribute to "one tap" level ?
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