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Discussion in 'SUPPORT & SUGGESTIONS' started by AKAI2002, May 25, 2017.

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    meow meow:cryingcat:
    @Pierre Miguel Gayo got time scores which are impossible (eg. 18secs for some levels in awakening, and 23in next) and entered in spreadsheet, thus stole my gold:confused_02:
    or, is it possible?? if so, please give a video advice
  3. AKAI2002

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    Hi @n0phun I cant enter my score I got in Bomber
    I can enter no more than 60 in it and I got 69 for now
    can you reset the rules?
  4. n0phun

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    Yeah, already saw your now deleted post. Will fix the rule this evening, next 28 hours latest.
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  5. n0phun

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    How the hell does anyone get more than 60 here? Fixed.
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  6. AKAI2002

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    Hehe in iOS bomber is Android's Bomber+supergears isn't it

    I now saved 70 in bomber , and I just found out that 80 is possible in Supergears, but unfortunately I accidentally killed one, thus only 79, which will be now the highest in it:mrgreen:

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