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    Seconded. @phil: I don't see the point in deleting your results from the sheet and your vids and then not stop playing. If you really want more life- instead of playtime why not simply stick to it. Else the deletions - unnecessary as they were - make even less sense.
  2. phil

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    I must admit, the spreadsheet and videos were a competition for me and I wanted to bring that to an end.
    The top players know the real results in Day 1, Day 2 (Sewers, Loco, bla...) and already mentioned that. So of course I was joking (some might say trolling), I'm sorry for that.
    @nophun: I love playing badland even more now and sometimes it results in some good clone counts, but I probably won't put them out here anymore.
    - cheers -
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  3. FBI Light Rock

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    No wonder why I suspected something was wrong when I heard 50 for Spinner!
  4. ShiV

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    1) Nah, sometimes, you had some superb runs as well.
    3) Don't think anyone thinks like that, believe most just think it's sad to see one of the potential number 1s in Badland worldwide go ;).
    4) There you are right, even though it maybe takes on a little bit too much of my time, it really should be depicted as a game, and nothing more. It shouldn't have to happen that Badland causes arguments and/or stress.

    Even though you're joking about React and Sewers, out of this sentence I can't say you did that as well about Spinner and Cloneblower (which scores wouldn't be impossible in the end). Care to say whether those also were a joke or actually real :) ?
  5. ShiV

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    Did this a while back, month or so, thought I'd mention it anyway...

    So about a month ago I thought lets do a clonecount for the GotYE. Assuming every version (Steam/Xbone/PS4 etc etc) is the same in number of clones I did a pretty thorough count from every level, took a number of days to complete in the end. In doing so I checked the counted values towards the known values for the mobile version, since most levels do have the same clonecount, or differ in 1 or more superclones, making those levels have the same clonecount + x*10 added. A few levels differ in only a few numbers of clones.

    By doing so I came across some values in the mobile version that weren’t correct, I’ve played those levels just to be sure and did a clonecount on them as well. After that I altered the number of clones in those levels from the mobile version, those levels being:

    • Superclone (already mentioned this one on the previous page, didn’t know back then I also could alter that myself)
    • Wargears
    • Sting
    • Factory
    • Darkness
    • Fluffy
    • Downtime
    I’m pretty sure all clonecounts for the mobile version and the GotYE are correct now, still it would be better if someone or a couple of people will perform a secondary count (on the GotYE that is, mobile version were already done before by several people so that version should be fine, perhaps only an extra check on the corrected levels) just to make sure of it (takes some time though so know what you get into).

    The values I entered for maximum clones possible aren’t set. However I did try to judge them to be somewhere around the most logical values. Most are around those from the mobile version, sometimes a bit smaller (for values that were extremely hard to achieve in the mobile version, even though they might be better doable in the GotYE I thought just narrow those values down a bit until proven different). Sometimes (substantially) higher, mostly because of added superclones. Should anyone think a value/couple of values is/are totally wrong, just alter it. I’m sure a lot of those numbers are wrong as they are, but for new people towards the Badland-universe starting with i.e. Steam, this might be a helpful guideline for what might be possible.
  6. FBI Light Rock

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    What happened to the spreadsheet? I can't access it anymore. ShiV recently raised an issue about the spreadsheet which I tried to check up on but I couldn't even enter it! Is everyone experiencing the same problem?

    Who's the last one to be able to access the spreadsheet?
  7. <|-|!<0

    <|-|!<0 Dr. Doomsday

    i can access it normally. :confused_02:
  8. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    Looks like I can access it normally again!:) Probably Drive had a problem with my region at that time. Thanks for the info, <|-|!<0! :)

    I was scared someone reported the spreadsheet or something and Google took it off their servers! Glad everything's OK now.

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