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  1. Vicvic91

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    by @333mmcc



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  2. FBI Light Rock

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    This level totally fails on my Android device. :( After the Downloading screen it will crash to home screen. It refuses to load.

    Also, @333mmcc, other than needing to optimize your level for older (?) devices, you should probably also remove the random variable system that will randomly activate either the top or bottom crushers. I used it in Hexangonal before, and there you had replays that couldn't play back the same way as the original play (I fixed the system now, and the fixed version is now on Eternal Day).

    If you still want to keep the random variable system, I suggest you check out my new highly sensitive variable system in Hexangonal that acts very much like the random variable system, except replays of it become consistent with the original play. :)
  3. MisterM

    MisterM Elite Member

    Same, this level crashes on my phone AND on my computer.
  4. Vicvic91

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    Grrrr, sorry for that ! We will correct this soon !
  5. Good_Smile

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    Yes please...

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