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  2. Marcellkardos

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    Hi Guys,

    Since I playing on Iphone X, that one and Stop Roller and unplayable because when you have to roll yourself up the curves (nearly at the end of the track) at the last swing you are getting out of the picture and so you die. There arr some other tracks that are a little bit different or weird because of the iphone X ‘s wider screen, but this one is impossible to finish. Besides that this is one of my favourites so please solve this bug and make badland2 comlatible for all platforms! Thanks
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  3. Marcellkardos

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    Is there any way that I can get a reaction to my post please?
    Thank you

  4. Vicvic91

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    Hey @Marcello_HUN, thanks for reporting it. Do you have a screenshot or a replay video you could share about those issues in those levels? It will help me solving them. Thanks!
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    I don’t think he needs to provide a screenshot/vid here. We have @OlofW's vid in the Stop Roller thread. Watch the part at about second 50. Shortly before we enter the last half ring (or curve, the one with the small powerup), the camera focus brings the edge of this ring to the edge of the screen. The small powerup stays just visible on my 8 plus, it’s better on the iPad. On IPhone, my clone dies there if I skipped the big powerup at the bottom, about the moment it touches the small powerup.
  6. Vicvic91

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    I don’t understand. Is that also a bug when playin Stop level in the Inferno pack? Could another position for the Small powerup solve the problem?
  7. n0phun

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    No, and no. In the original Stop the ring/curve isn’t so far from the center. Screen doesn’t move so much to the right, if at all. No problem there, as far as I see. @Marcellkardos ?

    And another position for the small powerup /might/ help to skip the big powerup and survive on my phone, but I don’t think that would be enough on IPhone X. Just don’t move the screen so much to the right that the left border of the ring gets out of the screen. Easy. Or isn’t it?

    Try to compare Stop with Stop Roller, the difference is quite obvious. And perhaps let us play Stop Roller and ...0.5 a little more often the next weeks.
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  8. Vicvic91

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    Thanks for reporting @n0phun @Marcellkardos!
    There was definitively a problem in the camera curve, more important in Stop Roller 0.5 than Stop Roller. Both levels are now updated and live in the Online mode for you to try it.
    Should be better that way :)

    Feel free to ask if you spot other issues in Online levels!
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    2583A5A0-7E6B-4F91-95FE-11A62AA90802.jpeg Thanks guys, everything is back in order!!:)
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    Here's a 50.283s run.

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