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Discussion in 'LEVEL EDITOR' started by Vavje, May 26, 2017.

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  2. Vicvic91

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    Fanboys ?
    I guess the best answer is to say "come to the forum if you want we talk about it" : like that you will avoid all the doubts :)

    Btw your levels are really awesome ! And the latest one, Up, is just a masterpiece. The first time I really feel the BL2 feeling on a BL1 level.
    I'm your 1st fan, be sure of that ! :)
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  3. AKAI2002

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    Then I'll be the second:mrgreen::)
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  4. Vavje

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    Fanboys, maybe. But the similarities are strange. I wondered if it was possible to hack an account and publish through an existing nickname. Paranoid I am. Gonna make a forum inviting level for all.

    Btw, Many many thanks Vicvic ! I am really honored !
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  5. AKAI2002

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    'COME TO FORUMS!!!!', maybe?
    with the link

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