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    3 mins ago i did my record 140 clones on multiplayer and after i finished the game i took a video with my other phone camera for being able to prove it because i have this problem so many times. Sometimes i try to beat someone over minutes and i achieve but my record is not accepted. This is so annoying.
    Note: I can upload the video if necessary.
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    I see that you finally got registered with 138. No need to upload to believe you. Sometimes — too often — values are not registered in Online Multiplayer. But it happens to most players from time to time. I’m more frustrated if I can’t take a vid after reaching a record...
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    At first really thank you for your attention. Yes i tried my best for getting more clones after that and i took a video with my other phone after playing and pressing reply button. Right, sometimes our values are not registered n hope them to solve this. I love this game :)
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    It’s really quite a great game. :)
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