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    Here I want to tell in detail about the level of "Surrealism". On what inspired to create some interesting moments, secrets and easter eggs hidden here.

    At the beginning of level after the flash the environment changes little. Who noticed - well done:wink:

    I love instrumental music. when you create a level, I drew inspiration from it. Most often I've heard Insomnies by french composer Ez3kiel (Just get it on YouTube Ez3kiel - Insomnies. Listen to it, you'll like:)). With this work involves my easter egg.

    Activated quite difficult. If you can attach to this flower 3 rocks, you will hear an excerpt from Insomnies

    Disguised under the sheet lever activates the next to him saw[​IMG]

    If you manage to hit all 21 spheres, these "teeth" will begin to change their size[​IMG]

    Just push on the top gear, it activates a bottom gear that will give you the opportunity to get power up

    6. "+10". On this Easter egg tied my little problem. I have long thought about to add to the level of the opportunity to obtain more clones, though I have for a long time refused to this idea, because I thought that it violates the subject level. Later, I still decided to do it, but make it a secret with a number of conditions. When the secret mechanism was finished, I went back to its previous opinion on this. In the end I decided not to remove this secret, but now instead of Super clone to be added "+10" icon, which is activated every time you remind me of it.
    To activate you must fulfill several conditions:
    1) At this point you have to amass this spike, but under the condition that your size is -1[​IMG]
    2) hit the mushroom[​IMG]
    3) Save the size of clone -1 and get to this point.

    I would now like to discuss some level elements. How do I come up with them, and what was inspired.

    Besides music, the inspiration I drew from other levels. Some decorations were created inspired by level of the orbit of the day 2. Also refer to this level of the sounds of saws.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If you have any questions about this level, I will try to answer them:)
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    I knew there were differences before and after the flash in both flashes, but didn't notice that one you pointed out. Nice small detail! :)

    I shall go listen to the full version of the music you replicated. :)

    I managed to discover spoilers 2 - 6 excluding 5 through the editor, but great job hiding them, they were hard to pick out. But I'm a hacker heheh. :mrgreen: I knew about spoiler 3, but I didn't mention it because I didn't feel it was much of an easter egg.

    I didn't understand the ending, it just blacked out. I haven't played LIMBO to the end yet, so for now I'll just playing LIMBO as well. :)
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    I hate you @Baksbrown !
    I played your level a lot of time to get this 10+, thinking that it will unlock me a powerup ! Grrr :)
  4. Baksbrown

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    The world is full of disappointments, @Vicvic91 :smilingimp:
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