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  1. n0phun

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    by @Baksbrown



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  2. dubz131

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    one negative...terrible checkpoint placements

    like cmon man, the spinning blades are really hard to get past, and every time you die it throws you back way too far to another hard puzzle

    pretty good level otherwise, though...the ending was interesting

    the all powerups mission look to be impossible in this one too....i had gotten all the powerups to this one point (as small as you can be) and i can't figure out how the hell to get that slow powerup sitting below the crank wheel...anyone know how to get this?
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  3. n0phun

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    Huh? Don't know what you mean by spinning blades. The saws near the beginning, hidden in the black balls? But if you die there checkpoint is immediately before them, so it cannot be that.

    Yes. :) There are one-try replays on Everyplay from Baksbrown and me, Level World version, but Vicvic91 made no changes as far as I see.
  4. dubz131

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    no, the blades towards the end when there is a sticky powerup then a bouncy's much harder if you accidentally die and you are bigger....cause when i beat the level in one try i didn't have issue when i was tiny clone

    going to have to watch the walkthrough then to see how to get that last powerup...thanks!

    edit: awesome - I see how you did it
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  5. Baksbrown

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    I agree, in some parts the location of checkpoints is not the best. But it took me such a location of checkpoints to stabilize the background change between "simple morning" and "Dream day". @FBI Light Rock loves digging in my levels, ask him, he can give a more detailed answer about this.
  6. dubz131

    dubz131 Bot Lover

    i thought it was a really cool level, man, don't get me wrong (it was just that one checkpoint part that was frustrating me; and you know me, i always gets frustrated on my first playthrough especially)....but i loved the cool details like the rocks forming a path and there were some fun puzzles.

    good job!
  7. Patrick Buffa

    Patrick Buffa Well-Known Member

    I thought this level is cool. It had some cool mechanisms and some good puzzles.

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