The Introduce Yourself Thread.

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  1. MisterM

    MisterM Elite Member

    Forum Name:

    What's the story behind your chosen forum name?
    I named myself after the evil Luigi in paper mario: MisterL

    Nationality / Location:
    The Netherlands

    Badland Gaming Devices:
    Phone, Steam, Ipad

    When did you start playing Badland?
    When i was 12, i quit the game, and later, i discovered the level editor and rejoined.

    Best Badland Moment:
    Kandy in eternal day

    Worst Badland Moment:
    Yet to come.

    Badland Gaming Goals:
    being a bigger part of the official part of Badland, and creating levels people enjoy.

    How did you find out about The Badland Forums?
    By clicking the button with the text "Forum" in the top right corner in the main menu.

    Anything else you've got to say for yourself?
  2. Hj326

    Hj326 Hypercloner

    So,I know this is a few years late, but here it is anyways.

    Forum name: HJ326

    Story behind it: My initials and birthday (Clearly, I was born on the 6th day of the 32nd month).

    Nationality: American

    Devices: Formerly iPhone 5, currently iPhone 6.

    When did I start playing: Recommended by a friend sometime between versions 1.4 and 1.5. Got bored one day, so I started going for all missions.

    Best and worst moment: I'm combining these two because they were in the same run. I was going for 2 clones on OBLIVION. My strategy involved getting as slow and small as possible. At the exact same time I hit the time stop button at the end, one of them got killed by a mine. At this point, I was pretty mad, and felt like breaking something: the level itself. I managed to slip beneath the resume time button, and the result was something quite interesting. I have the whole run on Everyplay: search for either hj326 or wellypossum46, because at one point my account name got screwed up and I don't know what it's under anymore.

    Badland gaming goals: At some point, I hope to go back and redesign all my levels so they are as elegant as they are unique. Who knows, maybe I'll get something in Eternal Day.

    How did I find the forum: I found it through Google like 3 years ago or something. Then when I hit my likely max clone score and updates stopped, I disappeared for a while. I randomly went back and checked if Badland had an update last September.

    Anything else: Not really, no.

    CUBE MAN OFFICIAL Penguin Clony

    I just joined, here's my info:

    Forum Name: Cube Man Official

    Story behind it: Originally I was going to do 'Portal Productions.' However it was too long. (Now I know that Cube Man was a much better name).
    I added Official just for fun.

    Nationality: Taiwanese-American

    Devices: Ipad

    When I did start playing:
    Long ago. A year, at least. I rediscovered it last fall and suddenly discovered a level editor. I was so excited.

    Best moment: when my level went into frogminds choice
    Worst moment: when I got so frustrated passing hard levels

    How I found this: Must read by vicvic.

    Anything else: nothing really.
  4. 18111398

    18111398 Elite Member

    Maybe I should've written this earlier...
    Forum Name:
    What's the story behind your chosen forum name?
    Just picked the name casually:D It doesn't mean anything.
    Actually there's a little story, but it's too long and boring to be written here.
    Nationality / Location
    Chinese, lives in Shanghai
    Badland Gaming Devices
    iPhone 5S, sometimes iPad 2
    When did you start playing Badland?
    About Dec. 2012, a friend who likes playing mobile games recommended BADLAND to me, saying that this game is super hard. I tried, and wow, it's hard.
    Best Badland Moment
    Finally surviving Final Frontier in one try.
    Worst Badland Moment
    Finally surviving Blaze in one tr... NOOOOOOOOO! I DIED ON THE LAVA AT THE VERY END!!!!!1!!
    Badland Gaming Goals
    To collect every egg (Those of Doomsday as well?) and to become a good level creator! (And I haven't made any level, at all)
    How did you find out about The Badland Forums?
    Recently found by the 'Forum' button in Level Creator, but something tells me that I've already found this forum long ago... and I forgot how did I find here.
    Anything else you've got to say for yourself?
    I'm not a hardcore player at all (Probably the least skillful one in this forum) , but I really like BADLAND. (Continue saying may causes me to say for BADLAND instead of myself, so I may shut up here)
  5. Shergregg

    Shergregg Member

    Forum Name shergregg
    What's the story behind your chosen forum name? It is my ickname and I use it pretty much on all forums
    Nationality / Location USA
    Badland Gaming Devices Samsung tab s
    When did you start playing Badland? Not really sure possibly in 2014 I'm still a newbie though
    Best Badland Moment don't have one yet everytime I get through a level withour skipping is my best moments
    Worst Badland Moment I use skip way too often, I just cannot seem to get through some of these levels
    Badland Gaming Goals to get through Hyperboloid on the bl2 section of level worlds and to achieve more goals and not skip so much
    How did you find out about The Badland Forums? From the badland 2 facebook page
    Anything else you've got to say for yourself? I am not really a gamer at all but badland keeps me coming back everyday to play it so I love this game
  6. This is a month or two late...
    Forum Name: ChasingShadows
    Story Behind it: A longer story than THE LONG STORY was...
    Country and nationality: British and British...
    Devices: Kindle Fire
    When did You start badland?: sometime in April, 2016... been addicted ever since..
    Best Badland Moment: Seeing my first level in 'What's hot' section
    Worst moment: A level glitch which took 2 decent levels of mine down D;
    Badland Gaming Goals: getting a level in Frogminds choice or eternal day\ making levels people enjoy
    How did I find the forums?: Looking on the website,
    Anything else you've got to say for yourself: I'm probably the first person to answer this category 'nope, nothing to say'
  7. InterludeDude

    InterludeDude Elite Member Beta tester

    I'm InterludeDude. I chose it 'cause 1. I'm a guy , and 2. One thing I've loved for a long time is music. Making it, anyways, and 3. It rhymes too 'cause that's what I do.
    Nationality: Human
    Location: Solar System
    I don't remember when I started Badland.
    Beat BL Moment: Beating Final Frontier. That last part used to be EXCRUCIATING.
    Worst BL Moment: Attempting to beat Final Frontier.
    I found the Forums today, but don't remember how... #4getful
    So that's me, InterludeDude! If you want to check out my semi-okayish-not sucky levels, my BL name is TrueThat92 (I have 2 Eternal Day levels BURNER and CLONESTROBE).

    Good night.
  8. RocksInMyHead

    RocksInMyHead Elite Member

    Hey all, I am new to this forum this week and just found this thread...

    Forum Name RocksInMyHead

    What's the story behind your chosen forum name? I've been a rock hound (rock collector as in fossils, gems and minerals) since I was 5 years old.

    Nationality / Location USA-New Mexico

    Badland Gaming Devices iPad Air

    When did you start playing Badland? Shortly after it first came out.

    Best Badland Moment. Hmm, figuring out how to play Nuclear Splash well. Oh yeah, and I was briefly #1 at the original
    Badland levels...for a day :o)

    Worst Badland Moment. At the moment, I would say the new level Headshot I am absolutely awful at.

    Badland Gaming Goals-become at least one of the top 10 with the online levels of Badland2

    How did you find out about The Badland Forums? I was trying to find a place to report where the bug was in Nuclear Splash.

    Anything else you've got to say for yourself? I do actually get out of the house and put down my iPad so that I can go hiking and collecting fossils and rocks often as I can....which lately has been every day!
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  9. 4522405DASH

    4522405DASH Hypercloner

    Ok I know I'm late.... :confused_02:

    Fourm Name: Loopedrage

    What's the story behind your fourm name?
    It's a long story. A long, long time ago, I was very interested with the study of geography. Now before there was BADLAND, my favorite game to play was this game called Createrria. Now at that time, I attempted to make a book consisting of every single country ever existing on Earth. I spent weeks and weeks drawing countries and writing down facts about them, page after page after page. In total there are about 253 countries in the world, and I can recall that I gave up on Austria. I was so angry knowing that I'd never be able to write down all those countries and my hand had hurt an awful lot. By that time I had started Createrria and I had trouble making up a name and I realized how much stress I simply put on to myself with every page I've written. And it would keep coming back with every page I write. Yes this is true and I told it was gonna be long :mrgreen:

    Nationality/ Location: New York City, USA

    When did you start playing BADLAND?
    I got the game for free during the Apple's 5th Anniversary Event. So I got the game at a perfect time :)

    Badland gaming devices: iPhone SE

    Best Badland Moment: Getting #1 on Clone Leaderboard for 3 days!

    Worst Badland Moment: BL2's "Save The Most Clones" levels. I'm just plain terrible at that.

    How did you find out about that BADLAND forums?
    When I found out the Createrria forums, I was thinking if there was a BADLAND forum. It existed, but this was when BADLAND first came out, thus I was on the unofficial forums.


    Anything else you've got to say for yourself?
    I have two cats and I run. Lol
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  10. AKAI2002

    AKAI2002 Clone Master

    Too late:mrgreen:

    Forum Name

    What's the story behind your chosen forum name?
    Uh... Okay
    My name is Akshay, and I have two nicknames, Akku and Achu
    I just missed Akku with my name by missing out 'sh'
    Also I added my birth year
    And, what you see is what I know:mrgreen:

    Nationality / Location
    I'm from a small State in India named Kerala, you can see many tourism spots here, and you are welcome here:)

    Badland Gaming Devices

    When did you start playing Badland?
    I knew about BADLAND an year or more from today (date of message), and I wanted to play it so bad
    But I couldn't download it as there was no space
    And I really needed an SD card, and I got it last December
    And the I got BADLAND 1:)
    I got the Lenovo tab this April, and I downloaded BL2 then, but after joining the forums
    And yay, I got both:-D

    Best Badland Moment
    Saving 950+ clones in 1 week, after my tab recovered from some unknown disease after completing all levels and discovering some secret clone saving techniques myself:)
    And getting the highest clone count in clonestrobe

    Worst Badland Moment
    This is more than I could think
    • Lost the controls of my tab in which I'm playing BADLAND 1, and now I can't play :'(
    • Lost all progress after day 2 night 4th level, and Eternal Day, Doomsday, and Daydream after a crash:(
    • Sometimes lose control while playing BADLAND 2, always when I'm doing a time trial challenge or clonesaver, which has made me lose records most of the time
    Badland Gaming Goals

    Wanted to complete all missions in BADLAND 1, but can't
    So now I want to save 3k+ clones in BADLAND 2, excluding the Evolution pack that is coming soon:)
    At least that

    How did you find out about The Badland Forums?

    When I was making levels, I saw some options in the menu of level editor that I haven't seen before
    Video tutorials and Forums.....
    I clicked it:mrgreen:

    Anything else you've got to say for yourself?

    I love this game
    I want to meet all you wonderful people (both Frogmind people and members of this forum)
    I'm only 15 years old now but I'm 183cm tall, as for today, so if we are ever meeting you can recognise me easily:mrgreen:
    Hope we will meet someday...... :flushed:
    Then starts our conversation problems, if we are from non-English speaking countries:mrgreen:
  11. Typhlosion

    Typhlosion Well-Known Member

    Forum Name
    What's the story behind your chosen forum name?
    My favorite Poke'mon is Typhlosion. Duh.
    Nationality / Location
    I am currently stationed in Texas.
    Badland Gaming Devices
    I-pad mini
    When did you start playing
    2014 I think.
    Best Badland Moment
    Finally uploading that ridiculously hard level.
    Worst Badland Moment
    Finding out that people love copying my levels and re-uploading them.
    Badland Gaming Goals
    Have one of my levels put on Eternal Day.
    How did you find out about The Badland Forums?
    Vicvic91's message specifically included me, so I thought I would
    Check it out.
    Anything else you've got to say for yourself?
    I Am The King Of The Casual Catagory!
  12. 4522405DASH

    4522405DASH Hypercloner

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  13. Typhlosion

    Typhlosion Well-Known Member

  14. AKAI2002

    AKAI2002 Clone Master

    Yea what did you mean?
    "Dear @AKAI2002 now you can rest in peace as you posted here" ??:mrgreen:
  15. 4522405DASH

    4522405DASH Hypercloner

    No!! :confused_02:
    What I mean is that we're too late! o_O
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  16. Typhlosion

    Typhlosion Well-Known Member

    What do you mean by "We're too late"?
    Too late for what?
  17. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    You're not too late, you introduced yourself right after forum registration. But 4522405DASH and AKAI2002 were less quick. Both mentioned that it in their posts in this thread, above yours.
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  18. Jari

    Jari Senior Programmer / Producer Staff Member Frogmind

    Hi all!

    Recently joined to Frogmind team and now to forum as well. Will be looking into programming and some other producing odd jobs.

    - Jari
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  19. McSketchy

    McSketchy Active Member

    I didn't know this existed when I started on the forum about a month ago, so this is a bit late . . .

    Forum Name

    What's the story behind your chosen forum name?
    McSketchy is my dog. He came via the Silky Terrier Rescue Group at ~1.5 yrs. old - scared of everyone and everything. His name is actually McGuyver, but I described his early behavior as no sleep for days and paranoid of being kidnapped, aka sketchy. The nickname Sketchy was not received well and people found it offensive. I got tired of defending it and his nickname morphed into a combination of his two names.

    Nationality / Location
    I have lived all over the US. Here is my roadmap:

    Providence, RI -> San Diego, CA -> Newtown, CT -> Atlanta, GA -> Washington DC -> Atlanta, GA -> New York, NY -> San Francisco, CA -> New York, NY -> Gainesville, FL -> Orlando FL

    I’ve seen many great things in the US, but I’ve also seen some not so great :
    • I lived in NYC when the World Trade Center buildings came down on 9/11.
    • I lived in Orlando during the largest mass shooting in US history (Pulse Nightclub, 2016). The shooter chose Pulse to target LGBT community, and coincidentally, he was a security guard in my parent’s community; he checked my ID at the front gate dozens of times when I visited them. If only I had known then . . .
    Badland Gaming Devices

    When did you start playing Badland?
    I started on an Android device when the original Badland was released.

    Best Badland Moment
    Saving more than 100 clones in Frost

    Worst Badland Moment
    Lying about not being able to attend an event because I wanted to stay home to work on Frost (see question above).

    Badland Gaming Goals
    Break top 90 in the rankings.

    How did you find out about The Badland Forums?
    When Badland 2 added time trials, I was unable to beat many of the times. After a few weeks of failure, I thought I was missing something and sought help online. I found the forums and learned about the BOTY secrets.

    Anything else you've got to say for yourself?
    Thanks Frogmind for a great game.
    I upload record replays to:
  20. Milhouse

    Milhouse New Member

    Hello everyone! Been lurking for a while, figured it's about time I jumped on here..

    Forum Name:

    What's the story behind your chosen forum name?
    A friend of mine is an app/game developer and we needed a name for a profile I created to help him test a card game. We thought Milhouse was funny at the time and it just sort of stuck. Plus, everything is always coming up Milhouse!

    Nationality / Location:
    West Coast Canada

    Badland Gaming Devices:

    When did you start playing:
    late 2013-early 2014 maybe?

    Best Badland Moment:
    Finally deciding to checkout online play in Badland 2 (I stopped playing for some time before discovering online). This also spaked my interest to push my scores further in the levels.

    Worst Badland Moment:
    Still haunted by 'survive with one try' - Oblivion, Badland 1
    Sneezing at the end of any high scoring run in a level

    Badland Gaming Goals:
    Maybe crack the top 10 in Badland 2 online?

    How did you find out about The Badland Forums?
    Searching the web hoping to find an answer for new levels for Badland 2

    Anything else you've got to say for yourself?
    Long time fan of the game, thank you Frogmind for the hours of entertaiment!
    I recently just joined Badland Brawl, looking for a tribe to join!
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