The Introduce Yourself Thread.

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  1. ElK0305

    ElK0305 Member

    Forum Name
    - Elk0305
    What's the story behind your chosen forum name?
    - It's my nick and my birthday (May 3rd)
    Nationality / Location
    - Austria / Vienna
    Badland Gaming Devices
    - iPhone 6, iPhone SE
    When did you start playing Badland?
    - Badland in summer 2013 and Badland 2 in December 2015
    Best Badland Moment
    - Reaching number 1 in Badland 2 Online
    Worst Badland Moment
    - Every time I get a good result in an online level which doesn't show up in the score (due to bad network connection)
    Badland Gaming Goals
    - Accomplished (number 1 in Badland 2 Online)
    How did you find out about The Badland Forums?
    - Just looking up Badland related stuff
    Anything else you've got to say for yourself?
    - Reaching 10.000.000 points in Badland 2 Online (1.685 wins in 73 different levels) I will stop playing Badland 2 Online
    - I will post some videos of my favorite levels for everybody interested
    - Thanks to Frogmind for the best 2 games ever!
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  2. Milhouse

    Milhouse New Member

    Congrats on 10,000,000! I'd love to see a vid of your 1min+ survival runs of infinty loop 0.5!

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