Thoughts about the new DOOMSDAY levels?

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by Ben Thumbs, Apr 25, 2014.

  1. Ben Thumbs

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    Love them, hate them?

    For me personally I enjoyed them purely for the reason that I'm so impressed with what Team Frogmind can come up with, but the gamer side of me knows (and accepts) that nearly all of these levels are way beyond my ability (or patience).

    I can understand that Team Frogmind wanted to give their hardcore Badland fans a real challenge here but I think these Doomsday Levels are way too hard for your average now and then gamer. I can imagine a lot of those types of people, (which no doubt make up the bulk of the Badland player base) will be really upset with this expansion pack.

    Your thoughts?
  2. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    Of course I haven't played it, but so far from the trailer and the replay of Blockworks I'm utterly impressed by the new levels. It is evidently clear that Frogmind has put in TONS and TONS of efforts in designing these levels. :o I really have to say, hats off to them. When I get my hands on the new update on Android (Or if they fix the crash on my sucky iTouch 4G), I believe that I will not only get a crazy hard time going through these levels, but enjoy the new background and foreground they created specifically for Doomsday. :D I'm totally ready to take on Doomsday!
  3. Wheat1328

    Wheat1328 Ultimate Survivor Moderator

    I think it's a great addition. For the hardcore guys it's immense! And for the casual player that just completes the levels I think it's worth the $1. It's new tactics and strategy bring something additonal to the game that is much harder than ever before. Some casual players may think a buck for about an hour of gameplay is too much - (these people are crazy and don't understand what they got for $3, or $1 when it was on sale) - but to me it's a way to keep enjoying the game AND giving back to the devs for all their hard work. People need to understand how cheap these types of games are compared to the (arguably worse) $60 games some people buy.

    I'll gladly continue to pay a buck for new sets of levels - especially with this type of quality!
  4. ogster

    ogster Elite Member

    i hate to admit it, but i think we sort of asked for it. for the most part, doomsday gets my approval. i agree, however, that not everyone might be very happy with the set. the guys at frogmind made very good use of their creativity to come up with interestingly challenging designs. but perhaps too challenging. most everyone who will put in the time will surely complete doomsday. the missions are a different matter though. they are crazy difficult! and then we have to one-try all the levels for one of the achievments. good luck to us all. but still, the concept and design are just absolutely top notch and well worth the dollar.

    i am both scared and excited to play. i love the game but not really sure if i want more of the same in the future. and it might be a bittersweet letdown if a new set ever comes out and proves less challenging. but hey, it still is a very new set, so who knows for sure, right?

    cheers, all.
  5. Wheat1328

    Wheat1328 Ultimate Survivor Moderator

    Not to derail this thread but since this is "Fury's Journey" it seems they've set themselves up for the other 3 multiplayer characters if they want to do that. So in total another 40 levels. If they do, lets just hope the other character's journeys are less strenuous because I agree this may be too difficult. Time will tell....
  6. <|-|!<0

    <|-|!<0 Dr. Doomsday

    We only find it too difficult now because we are not used to it, it takes time, we started playing 2 days ago.

    I already did lots of missions, only 7 left, and i must say, very difficult indeed, but i like this game exactly because of that.
  7. Wheat1328

    Wheat1328 Ultimate Survivor Moderator

    Let me just say this: I'll be FAR more impressed with anyone who can 1-try all the Doomsday levels than any clone saving count anyone achieves. These are insane! So many stupid little ways to die combined with some flat out skill in other areas makes for a very very difficult 1-try run.
  8. Ben Thumbs

    Ben Thumbs Clone Master Moderator

    I have no doubt that you guys will go on to achieve incredible things in DOOMSDAY, but it speaks volumes that some of the best players in the world are all like "Oh man what is this nightmare that they have created here...?" :lol:
  9. AndroidUser

    AndroidUser Active Member

    Very strange that with Doomsday not added achievement for 3000 clones.

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