Total progress and achievements in BL2.

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  1. -Fireblade-

    -Fireblade- Active Member

    I have a suggestion. Share here your progress in the game (screenshots, etc). And to discuss the possibility of obtaining certain achievements in the game. Tips for passing, etc.
  2. -Fireblade-

    -Fireblade- Active Member

    Who knows about the hidden achievements? I'm missing two, although the list of achievements are all open. Because of that my personal progress 99,55%.

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  3. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    Care to share your time trial records in the time trial spreadsheet? There's already a column reserved for you! :)
  4. -Fireblade-

    -Fireblade- Active Member

    I'll post my time trial results soon. But I must say that my only goal was just to beat the game to get the achievements in the game. Purpose to compete with all the players not there, so my results are considered extremely modest.:)
  5. Neopard

    Neopard Member

    I don't think there are any hidden achievements, just a bug in the statistics counter in the game. In the achievements list there are already 89 achievements. @dubz131 and I had a little discussion about this in the (inappropriate) Coldskin thread in Warpzone.
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  6. -Fireblade-

    -Fireblade- Active Member

    I'm also inclined to believe that this is a bug. I wish the developers took that into consideration in subsequent updates))
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  7. dubz131

    dubz131 Bot Lover

    yea, just curious - are the devs planning on fixing this bug? it still says i only have 82/89 achievements even though i only need 4 more (the time trials ones), as i got all the hidden achievements (they even popped up on the screen) kind of sucks, especially for a game like this where the accomplishment for me comes from the completion of the game (how many clones you save, get all the missions, get all the achievements, beat all time trials, etc. etc.)...every time i look at the statistics page not showing the correct data constantly bugs me

    a lot of those special achievements were extremely hard to get and took time practicing and playing over and over...i just want to see the recognition on the stats page...not too much to ask?

    edit: even weirder, i actually remember my game on my ipad pro 9.7 used to say 83/89 achievements, but when i played on a different device (itouch 6) it synced the data and now it says 82
  8. Vicvic91

    Vicvic91 Administrator Staff Member Frogmind

    Yeah, sorry for that.
    We got different tries hunting this bug, but unfortunally all our latest patches didn't solved it.
    Unfortunally for now, there is no new patch coming in our roadmap.

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