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    Clones Saved
    Add your own Clone Counts into the Clone Saving Spreadsheet
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    Additionals Missions

    . Survive with Cuby
    . Save 80+ clones
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    Very nice megacollab, good job, the "dual" puzzles were kinda fun, BUT. For me it's buggy as hell, here are a few examples. 2016-02-05_00001.jpg This happens pretty often, and on this point I MUST restart the level, these things make this level so annoying to complete in 1 try.
    Now this. Somebody put at this point a checkpoint, after respawn there is no laser machine near with you, making this part impossible, and because of this I couldn't complete this level. The gun itself randomly brakes, sometimes it works, sometimes not, like dafuq? Maybe It's just me but, what's the point of making this? Imho levels should be short and very fun (like Many Bless), not long and annoying like this one :V
    Thank god played on PC, if I was playing on my mobile I'd just ragequit.
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    Hey @Good_Smile !

    Thanks for your feedback !
    . screenshot 1 : this is a trap, and because of it, yes you need to restart if you loose Cuby or Clony.
    . screenshot 2 : this checkpoint doesn't have to be here ! Maybe a test checkpoint left behind... Sorry for that :/ @Miikka can you delete this anoying checkpoint of the current level ?

    Also, 1 try is possible to get, but need to keep smaller as you can ! But it's tricky, so good luck getting it ! :)
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    Ok, thanks for the tips, anyway, I'd rather just wait a video walkthrough for this level because I'm too stupid to get how to pass this laser part xD
    And once again the level for Eternal Day is not tested enough. Too bad. But well, waiting for a fix. And woah, more than 130 clones are possible to collect there, probably a ton of eggs are placed near to the end of the level haha
    P.S. All 3 missions in Many Bless are possible now :)
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    Tips for the laser zone :
    . When you touch screen, laser take 1s then activate / when you untouch screen, laser desactive
    . If you explose a bomb, 1 laser die : there is 3 bombs to avoid, and only 2 lasers
    . Try to fly up, so the laser will go slowly

    How to avoid each bomb :
    . Keep activated the laser just before each bomb
    . Then, let Clony down : laser will desactivate and will continue the way passing the bomb without explode it

    Good luck !
    This is the doomsday 333MMCC part ! Ahah :)
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    145 clones saved in one try! Wasn't that hard after I got through my own Hexangonal mechanism. :) That part was the hardest for me (besides 333MCC's mechanism, almost failed that part too). I just killed myself for submitting a hard mechanism, heh. :mrgreen:

    However, this does point out one thing after I played the "normal" way. Activating the secret in the Hexangonal mechanism hinders more than helps in saving clones, apparently. That's because:
    - You need substantial speed to pass the final stretch of floating spikeballs unscathed.
    - When impacted with the spikeballs, Cuby will continue to fly forward with the rest and this can possibly cause more casualties to other clones, while Clony will mostly cut the casualty off there by dying. All in the name of sacrifice for others, heheh. :mrgreen:

    And I personally think the missions are a bit too eas. Perhaps @Miikka, it should be survive in 5, 10 & 20 tries instead? Maybe replace the last mission with a clone saving mission?

    Thanks for the tip-off, Good_Smile! Going to try and save 22 clones there. :mrgreen:
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    Thanks m8, that helped A LOT :D
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    The level is super! Great job, guys
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