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  3. dubz131

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    evil withcraft i tells ya!....this and the circle of death in infinity are the last two of these kinds of levels that i can't get the final missions...too hard to get so many clones! ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
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    Here's a litta tip for you! When faced with the downstream hot sauces, don't wait too long until the screen catches up and your clones are struggling at the bottom of the screen. Clones seem to tend to fly sideways slower when the screen is going to kill them soon. As usual with levels that are speedrun with many clones to save, DO NOT HESISTATE.

    The flamethrowers activating in pulses are annoying though.
  5. <|-|!<0

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    Just got 166 on online UP, so i got inspired to try on the single player where my record is 163... But the online version was working flawlessly and when i tried in single player it lagged badly, like full retardation mode, i really don't understand why this happens if they are the same, and im done talking about this.
  6. dubz131

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    damn that's a lot!

    my top score is 125 i think

    but i'd be mad too if i knew i could do better and it was the framerate that kept screwing me up...and you would think the single player level would run faster than the online version?
  7. <|-|!<0

    <|-|!<0 Dr. Doomsday

    Yes if the lagging was on online i would understand cause maybe would be some server thing... and it does lag on online, levels that NEVER lagged before are lagging now, like clonecliff and circle of death.

    I'm very disappointed with this and i feel powerless since theres nothing i can do, to be honest i would prefer that it lagged all the time so i would know that my ipad is the problem, but clearly it isn't since it works perfectly at times. Would like to have a feedback on this, maybe from someone testing on another Ipad 4. Frogmind demands a lot from it's players so it's only natural that i demand the same from the performance of the game.

    I think if it continues like this Ipad 4 owners should be informed the device is no longer supported.

    I think im gonna be forced to jailbreak my device to try to maybe fix the problem myself.

    Edit: Ok so literally exactly when i was going to post this something dawned on me, my ipad is charging atm and my cable is a little peeled off on one end, so i thought maybe it is giving the device some kind of shock, so i tested without charging and it solved the problem on clonecliff...

    Also tested UP, Gauntlet and Down... and those are still slightly lagged. But i'm just glad i found out at least ONE problem. Have to buy a new cable.

    I'm so confused with all this lol

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