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    Clones Saved
    Add your own Clone Counts into the Clone Saving Spreadsheet >>HERE<<


    Note: This is just a simple "Survive with one try" playthrough to show off this level here in the Badlands Forum.
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  2. Wheat1328

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    I think 2 is possible here. The speadsheet says max of 1. I came really close to having 2 - (see my 1-try playthrough above). I abondoned one at the end but in previous attempts I've had two up to the very last rock gravity thing. It would take some luck but I think it is possible.
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  3. FBI Light Rock

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    The part where you show 2 clones get past the part where the explosions from the sticky bomblets is not the determining factor on the number of clones that can be saved. I have personally gotten 4 clones past that part once. (Upended is one of my favourite levels so I do occasionally play it :))

    What determines this is the final rock. It is excruciatingly difficult to line up 2 clones, in a horizontal line such that they both get pushed and maintain their positions. Furthermore the force exerted by the rock is not completely horizontal; it's slightly angled upwards which makes it a bit too impossible.

    If that sounds crazy enough, adding to it is the first few gravitational rocks at that last part. It is hard to concentrate on 2 clones and get both through. You cannot simply let the rocks fly past you; the path ahead will be blocked when time stops. So you must make contact with the rocks to stop that. That would more often than not result in the one clone in contact of the rock pushed ahead of any other clone (s), leaving the poor rest probably stuck and blocked by some of the rocks. However, this is still very possible to overcome, it's just hard.

    It IS possible to get 2, but it is really excruciatingly difficult. If you don't get 2, you need to restart the whole level. I don't think it's very worthwhile for anyone to even try. But who knows, we could get another possibility turned into reality like Phaser. :openmouth:

    I set the max to 2 some time ago, but I felt that it is really too difficult to get 2, so until someone proves it, 1 it is.
  4. ShiV

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    What FBI Light Rock said indeed. There might be a chance, but that one's extremely narrow, because the allignment just has to be perfect. Getting multiple clones towards that last switch isn't the hard part, believe I even had up to 7 there once.

    Yet I've been trying out something. Only 2 ways to effect this level are skip either the speed or the slow powerup. Tried before with skipping the speed, didn't work out but never thought of skipping the slow one, so you'll be one speed up to normal. Might give a better chance at getting 2 or 3 even to the end. You get to stay in front of the stones a while longer like this before they hit you, so you don't depend on the stones just as much as when you're slow. Didn't make it like this yet but felt like it gave a better chance at it.
  5. FBI Light Rock

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    Wow, 7?!?! That's totally insane, ShiV!

    If anything, skipping the Slow power-up is more of a possibility. The slower you are (thus avoiding the Fast pwoer-up), the longer you have to be faced with the last rock; that is, the longer the 2 clones have to stay aligned nicely to be pushed together while maintaining the straight line. However, I have tried skipping the Slow power-up, by accident, but that is no solution neither. When you reach the part where the sticky bomblets explode, there is not enough time for them to explode and the quicker speed means that the poor clone fleet will be headed for the deadly lasers and will all be zapped in no time.
  6. ShiV

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    Depends on how you group those clones together ;) try putting them above one another and 2 or 3 at least tend to get past the lasers. Problem remaining then is you still have the last grenades that blast just after the lasers, meaning you could still only end up with 1 clone.

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