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  1. Flamingjazz

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    Good Morning to some!
    As part of trying to spread some love to the Badland community, I am going to host a weekend challenge as often as I am capable of doing so. In cooperation with Frogmind staff @Vicvic91, we want to do a spotlight system of the best levels of the Level world semi frequently and those who make the spotlight will have a good chance of having their level be the next eternal day level!

    So here are the rules for the weekly challenges:

    ****You Do Not Need To Be a Member of This Badland Forums to participate!! Although it’s recommended that you do, of course. This is for any of you who want to participate and happen to hear about this! Tell it to your friends and relatives that play!*****

    —Challenge starts as soon as I post it on Thursday nights local time.
    —All level editors welcome! This won’t necessarily be spread on Facebook all the time, so follow this thread to keep up with the latest!
    —Submissions must complete the certain requirements listed. Levels CAN be levels you have been working on for a while, but they won’t be accepted if they don’t meet the requirements.
    —Levels must be submitted using the hashtag of the challenge in order for Flamingjazz and/or the judge of the week to find the levels easier!
    —Levels chosen are at the discretion of the weekly judge. Plagiarism of others levels in order to win is not cool, and will not be accepted.
    —Levels must be submitted by the date posted. Dates may vary in length according to difficulty of the challenge but will generally be between 1-2 weeks, and no longer.
    —in order for your level to be more likely seen, you may always advertise your level through the post “Promote your Levels here”.

    —5 of the best Levels will be chosen by Flamingjazz or the week’s judge, and spotlighted here on the forums on a “Level Spotlight” thread for everyone to check out! And if the levels meet up to Eternal Day technical qualifications (e.g. there is a possible set of 3 challenges to qualify for eggs, there are no bugs, and the level is quality enough overall) the 5 spotlighted Levels have a chance to be accepted to be in Eternal Day! (Note: Eternal Day Levels are up to Frogminds Discretion, particularly @Vicvic91, however, he is supporting this)

    Are you all ready!? :)
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  2. Flamingjazz

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    5 year of Badland have gone by and we’re going back to the basics! Remember back in the day when you breezed through Day 1 Dawn? Remember the startle of the swinging vines, the up and down through rocks, and the giant boulder that almost crushes you Indiana Jones style?

    Following all guidelines above, this weekends challenge for those who are up for it, is that your level should be a remake using any of the Day 1 Dawn templates and making it better or more exciting. Without completely redoing the level, but more of adding on, embellishing, and making better, can you reinvent the first excitement that you had when you played the game, only this time adapted to what you know now?

    Submit your levels with #B2B (Back to the basics) in your level titles by Monday April 16 ( a little extra time since y’all need to see this article for the first time) for a chance to have your level spotlighted and enter Eternal Day! :)
    Lets go!

    Ping @Vavje (from @Vicvic91)
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  3. Vicvic91

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  4. Well, I guess it sounds cool. Unfortunately, I have more schoolwork nowadays. You might have to wait a few weeks for me to come up with something that I deem acceptable.
  5. Flamingjazz

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    Ok! There will be more challenges to come. Perhaps you could start working on a level that you could tweak for a future challenge when ite not so specific like this challenge is
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  6. Pierre Miguel Gayo

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  7. Flamingjazz

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    @Everyone this is a level I have completed as an example of this challenge! Check out “Unnatural” by Flamingjazz
    Can you tell what the original level is?
  8. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    Not from the picture, but easily after playing it. D1 Dawn.
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  9. Vavje

    Vavje Bot Lover Beta tester

    Nice idea. Gonna try.
  10. Vavje

    Vavje Bot Lover Beta tester

    Oops !
    Stuck at this checkpoint. Can’t open it when pushed. D99110F5-176C-4557-87D9-0A3D3D9640A6.png
  11. Flamingjazz

    Flamingjazz Hardcore Gamer Moderator

    Go at it from the top not the bottom @Vavje the needle thing will have physics activated if you just fly above it.
  12. Vavje

    Vavje Bot Lover Beta tester

    Dumb I am. Thanks.

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