Weird pause glitch in Badland II

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by Good_Smile, Oct 8, 2016.

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    Happens on Android. Basically, during your play session, a pause screen rapidly appears out of nowhere (maybe because of some tap combination or something?). It's extremely annoying in levels like "Up", "Supersonic", "Circle of Death" and others where you have to be very concentrated to save over 100 clones. Of course, it's nearly impossible to do with these pauses right before a deadly trap. It happens in other levels too, but not as much as in the ones I mentioned earlier. I thought there is an option to disable this feature, but I was wrong. I wonder if it's really a feature or a glitch. If first, then I wonder who will ever use it? There is no point in it, you have a pause button in the up left corner.

    About others bugs I've found. Well, as far as I understood, "Finish N" missions are possible to collect only after buying the premium version. Ghosts simply don't appear in the free version. Also, my progress was erased once, no idea here.

    If something of this is fixed in the latest version, please tell me, Google Play doesn't let me to update the game because of a silly memory error. Thank you.

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