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    Welcome to

    The Badland Forums
    A Badland Fan Site

    Welcome to the BADLAND FORUMS!

    This fan site was created for all Badland gamers by a small group of dedicated Badland players who enjoy the game and wanted a place to discuss clone saving tactics, help with missions and achievements, general tips for navigating the Badland world, and to communicate with other Badland enthusiasts!

    Frogmind put their support behind the idea of this site and they even check in from time to time answering questions and concerns about the game etc.

    There are numerous resources to take advantage of here! From general play-throughs of each level, to clone saving play-throughs, an achievement guide, and the clone saving spreadsheet where you can see level-by-level top players clone counts and add yours! This is a great community which is super supportive and is very willing to help out, so please feel free to register and join in the discussions for all things BADLAND!

    The Badland Forum Team.


    I bought Badland the week it came out but wasn't much of a mobile gamer at that point. I mainly gamed on my PS3. Now with the next console generation starting and my time becoming even more limited between work and my family (wife & 2 boys), I've decided to "retire" from the competitive online gameplay that I'm used to. So with that I started in on Badland again, trying to complete all the achievements. Well, that's a tall order. At the time, based on the leaderboards there were less than 20 people that could have potentially had all the achievements (out of almost 5,000,000 :shock: ). So I had to do it. :D

    That brought me to the Touch Arcade forum for help on the secret achievements where I crossed paths with grandmort. I had the idea for the clone saving spreadsheet to help me in my quest to get all the achievements. He encouraged me to go for it and I did. Since then he and I have been constantly tweaking and improving the sheet and I added an achievement guide along the way. Lunartic joined us shortly after and created this site to expand upon what we were doing.

    I enjoy playing with my boys, reading, keeping up with the latest tech, sports, and of course gaming.

    Jeez, where to start... I'm a French Husband - and father as well - and I've been living in the US for the past 21 years (California, Washington State and currently Texas). I've always been a gamer but I really started to get into hardcore gaming with the launch of the PS2 back in 2000. Though I don't manage it any longer I created and own the premiere SSX Fan Site on the web at http://www.merqurycity.com, I also created back in the days a little community around the awesome PS2 title Ace Combat 04 at http://www.shatteredskies.net. The 2000 decade was spent playing many PS2 / PS3 titles and series such as God of War, Metal Gear Solid, Mirror's Edge, Call of Duty, Portal, Bioshock, Skyrim, the list goes on (but I just named my favorites) and I also love indie games; LIMBO, FLOWERS, JOURNEY, BADLAND to name a few. As a side note: my SSX Fan Site got so popular it got me an invite to E.A. Sports Headquarters in the summer of 2003 in Vancouver, Canada to meet the developers and test and provide feedback for SSX 3 several months before release, what an awesome trip that was!

    Being a Graphic Designer I've always been an Apple Fan, so of course I got into the iOS platform and all iPhone and iPad things at the very beginning, yet, and while I tried many, to this day I've only being playing a handful of games on iOS, the ones I really got hooked on being as follow: Tiny Wings (I made it to Island 10!), Cat Physics, Temple Run and of course, BADLAND, which is in my opinion one the best designed handheld game out there. I got BADLAND summer 2013 via the Starbucks app (free! Though I wouldn't have minded paying for it) and, loving the game so much, a few month ago I started lurking at toucharcade.com in search of a community and possible hints for hidden achievements and to "understand" how some of those high clone counts were legit and possible. This is where I first met Matt33 and ogster (the GODs of BADLAND), quickly followed by Wheat1328 with whom I immediately started discussing possible walkthroughs and score logs and engage in friendly competition (thanks again Zack for the great Spreadsheet which is now THE score reference for the game!), and finally Lunartic, who took action very quickly and established this place; badland.gamerz.co, the now premiere destination for all BADLAND things (great move! Thanks Lunartic!)

    I'm a big movie aficionado, computer geek, I read a lot and always enjoy cozy family dinners with my wife and kids (with lots of good red wine of course!)

    Ben Thumbs
    I'm an Australian Husband / Father / Metalhead / iOS Mobile Gamer and Forum Nerd who currently lives in Japan.
    I built and administrate 3 Mobile Gaming forums: The Badland Forum, The Noodlecake Gamers Forum and the Super Stickman Golf 2 Gamers Forum and I also post extensively in several Japan themed and vegetable gardening forums. I first got into iOS mobile gaming in early 2010 with the game Super Stickman Golf, after my wife insisted we get iPhones (I'd been protesting about the idea for months).
    Edit (15/03/15): I've since started down the road towards become an independent game developer myself and am the founder, lead designer and developer at Blue Thumbs Gaming.

    Introduce Yourself.
    So now you know a little about who we are and what we do, if you'd like to share a little about who you are and what you do, please drop a post into THE INTRODUCE YOURSELF THREAD >>HERE<<

    Welcome aboard!

    Also special thanks to Matt33 for his input into various aspects of setting up this place.
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    Default Forum Ranks


    Once you take the big step from lurker to registered member here, you'll no doubt notice a RANK image and title that shows up when you post.
    This is your DEFAULT FORUM RANK and is based on your post count.

    So how many posts do you need to progress to each rank? You'll just have to wait and see and keep posting. :D

    You might also notice that some members have rank images and titles that aren't listed above, these are CUSTOM RANKS. Custom Ranks are bestowed on members who've either contributed significantly to the set up and running of the forums, or to the saving of copious clones.


    Contributing members may also trade in their default rank for a custom rank, once they have firmly established themselves here in our small community of Badland Addicts!

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