Why is my itouch 6 no syncing to my icloud?!?!?!??

Discussion in 'SUPPORT & SUGGESTIONS' started by dubz131, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. dubz131

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    ok, so i have badland 2 installed on my ipad pro 9.7 and 10.5 currently; i deleted it off my itouch 6 for a brief time to fix it...but when i go to install the game again it's NOT syncing with icloud and therefore not showing all the levels i beat, all the clones i saved, all the achievements i got,etc etc. etc...it never used to do this before if you deleted the app and re-installed.

    frogmind, please help! there's no way i can go through all that again
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  2. AKAI2002

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    Ooooh that is so bad
    Yea you should get help soon
    Hope there's a solution with Frogmind
    BTW I'll tell one thing you can check (even I don't know anything about iOS ): the storage capacity left on your phone
    Maybe that's a problem? I had this experience with another game(but in Android tho)
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  3. Vicvic91

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    @dubz131 step by step :

    1. Open the game in your iPad Pro with all your progress and wait the game to say "iCloud syncronisation"
    2. Delete the game on your iPhone 6
    3. Be sure to download the game with the same iCloud Account
    4. Open the game : it should comeback to normal
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  4. dubz131

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    thanks...it looks like vivic has the solution - i'll just have to wait until i get home and open the game up on my ipad pro's where all my progress is saved

    cause phew, that would have been awful....even though i have all the progress saved on my ipad pros, i play A LOT on my itouch 6 (especially on the go) and i have been able to save a lot of clones on my itouch 6 in certain levels; holds a special place in my heart : )
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  5. dubz131

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    Ok big problem still...did everything you said but every time I open on itOUCH 6 it keeps saying 'iCloud save version conflict'....so what do I do now?

    I really hope you guys put out an update fixing this issue....this is game crippling

    ****Edit: ok just figured it out in case happens to anyone else....once you delete the game from your device, you have to go BACK AND UPDATE THE GAME AGAIN from the 'App Store Updates'....I luckily stumbled upon this after several attempts to sync to the cloud...but unless you have the most recent game update it won't sync properly. Hopefully this will save anyone from almost having a nervous breakdown like me.
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  6. AKAI2002

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    thats because some threads can only be managed by Administrators and Moderators
    i dunno if that's exactly the reason but it'll be soon be revealed when one comes back here:mrgreen:

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