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    We all know that making a "contraption" is pretty complicated. (hence the Contraptions section in the level editor) I have to say myself that I've made quite a few. Sadly, only two of them actually made it to be published in a level! :( Most of the others ended up not working at all. (Ex. spazzing out) But I want you to show what cool things YOU have made. :) Here is an example of mine:

    The way it works is that it pops out of the ground (like a Hidden Tesla) and then it BLASTS LAZERS at you.

    This consists of 17 joints (yes, I counted) and some events and triggers.

    Maybe I should have put this in the Level Editor Column... oops :confused_02:

    EDIT: whoever moved it there, thanks
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    IMG_0392.PNG My craziest contraption isn't really a contraption. It is my motorcycle. The motorcycle actually works pretty good, even though it isn't nearly a complex as that other car thing.
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    Hey it's still something, GJ :)
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