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    We all know that making a "contraption" is pretty complicated. (hence the Contraptions section in the level editor) I have to say myself that I've made quite a few. Sadly, only two of them actually made it to be published in a level! :( Most of the others ended up not working at all. (Ex. spazzing out) But I want you to show what cool things YOU have made. :) Here is an example of mine:

    The way it works is that it pops out of the ground (like a Hidden Tesla) and then it BLASTS LAZERS at you.

    This consists of 17 joints (yes, I counted) and some events and triggers.

    Maybe I should have put this in the Level Editor Column... oops :confused_02:

    EDIT: whoever moved it there, thanks
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    IMG_0392.PNG My craziest contraption isn't really a contraption. It is my motorcycle. The motorcycle actually works pretty good, even though it isn't nearly a complex as that other car thing.
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    Hey it's still something, GJ :)
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    That looked awesome! I have no idea how to make my contraptions like that yet, it looks really hard actually.

    I'm still watching and re-watching the tutorial videos a bunch trying to learn everything. I'm really new at the level editor so I've only just learned how to make gates. But, I still think I've created some pretty crazy and fun low-tech levels. Still, I really want to get to your level of expertise some day so that I can create amazing looking contraptions like that one in the video. The sounds used and the design of the level was really good too I thought.

    Can you recommend any tutorials or guides besides the official ones that would help someone new like me to learn more about the level editor? Thanks for any tips you can provide and thanks for sharing those videos :grinning:.
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