A few questions about GOTY for Steam and suggestions for some levels in Eternal Day.

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by Good_Smile, Jan 27, 2016.

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    As it is on a big sale right now (bruh 80%), I have a couple of questions just to be sure. Can we transfer our progress from mobile to steam? Cuz it's not nice to lose 300+ completed missions and 2500+ saved clones :Р
    Also wanna ask if Steam version will get ALL future updates along with mobile? Just wanna be sure that the level world (and eternal day) is not the last update for Steam.
    Now about some Eternal Day levels. Please check the level "Many Bless", it's impossible to get mission "Save 15 clones" because there are ONLY 13 in the whole level, you also can't save any of them because there is a saw right before the level ends. And please fix some things in the level "THE METALPARKE", it's literally impossible to 1 try it, because there are no enough powerups to do it. A nerf for it is a good idea as well, it's a totally luck-based level right now. Thanks!
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    Oh haha, I just read your review on Steam not long ago when I was checking out BADLAND's FaceBook and saw the Steam sale! :mrgreen:

    It's not possible to transfer the progress. That's because the GOTY version's gameplay is different with the 4 directional keypad. This potentially makes some levels totally different to play in terms of saving clones, one trying, etc. And some levels are also modified because of the new controls, so no way this is going to happen. They are 2 separate games.

    Should be, yes, but it'll take time for the Steam version to catch up. I just read that they are working in the level editor for the GOTY version, so that should be coming soon. After all, they are busy finding good levels for Eternal Day for the original BADLAND, creating and perfecting the upcoming Sci-Fi pack for BADLAND 2, and now we have them working on the level editor for GOTY. Give them some time to sort out all these one by one. :)

    Yeah, that stupid level is bugged. And it's not even worthy of Eternal Day as is Danger Rush, this level seems to be mostly copied from one of the official Versus levels. And I thought there was only 12 clones in total? Either way right now no one can even save a SINGLE clone. :(

    The Metalparke is bloody nuts :mad:, and I don't understand how it made its way to Eternal Day. But unfortunately, nerfing it will require quite a lot of changes, including changing the variables for the backward rotating gears, laser bounce count, and especially the saw arena where the visibility needs to be increased, along with a slower revolving saw. Tenth Vertigo was another hard level, a little too difficult to one try as well.
  3. Good_Smile

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    Haha, thank you for answering. Haven't known that they are actually trying to add the editor for GOTY :)
    Yeah you were right, only 12 clones in Many Bless, anyway not a big deal so far. I understand that they have a tons of work right now, but still, they MUST test levels and missions they add in Eternal Day, reasons why I say that are obvious.
    I have nothing against levels like Danger Rush or Many Bless, I actually like these simply styled levels because they don't lag on low-end devices, like, for example, Tenth Vertigo (*cough* that laser section *cough*), they are short, however they have pretty fun gameplay :P

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