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Discussion in 'SUPPORT & SUGGESTIONS' started by Pierre Miguel Gayo, Sep 10, 2016.

  1. Pierre Miguel Gayo

    Pierre Miguel Gayo Elite Member

    When will online come out in android and when will level editor come out?
  2. Vicvic91

    Vicvic91 Administrator Staff Member Frogmind

    Hey Pierre !

    Online mode for android is on the way in the next updates.
    And for now, there is no Level Editor for BL2 :)
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  3. InterludeDude

    InterludeDude Elite Member Beta tester

    Will we be getting an editor? I'm dying to make rolly clony levels!! If we do, instead of an Eternal Day, maybe the best levels pop up in Online mode?
  4. Vicvic91

    Vicvic91 Administrator Staff Member Frogmind

    No Level Editor is coming on Badland 2 :)
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  5. Pierre Miguel Gayo

    Pierre Miguel Gayo Elite Member

    Oh, ok :(
  6. InterludeDude

    InterludeDude Elite Member Beta tester

    w h a t .

    (whiny) but whyyyyy??

    well, maybe ill look at pizza's rollerclone to bring rolly to the level world. shame we wont get it, but bl1 still has lots of level potential
  7. 18111398

    18111398 Elite Member

    For these years only or forever?
  8. Vicvic91

    Vicvic91 Administrator Staff Member Frogmind

    There is no plan for a BL2 Level Editor.
    But we keep focusing on the next level's updates.
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  9. InterludeDude

    InterludeDude Elite Member Beta tester

    So the level editor is not in the works, but Frogmind never confirmed no level editor? Even if it never happens, still hyped for the next levels to come! :D
  10. Mr. X

    Mr. X Elite Member

    So they didn't make bl2 levels with a level editor?
  11. InterludeDude

    InterludeDude Elite Member Beta tester

    Can't imagine how they didn't, but the BL1 editor was likely tuned for public use.
  12. Pizzaandy

    Pizzaandy Elite Member Beta tester

    I find it a miracle that Frogmind can host all these levels, with most having at least 50 objects with rotation, scale, physics properties, position data....
    I don't know if there could be good enough infrastructure for that stuff in a public BL2 online editor, where people will likely be making their levels on a massive scale.
  13. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    Levels in the original BADLAND are actually pretty small in size, with the most sophisticated levels like Hexangonal taking up only less than 90KB. So they don't need gigantic amounts of space on their servers. (I found a way to download the Eternal Day levels in the past, but it seems that Frogmind has shut off access to the public. I did attempt to open them in the level editor, but never succeeded unfortunately.)

    But with so many more types of obstacles and the free scrolling world in BADLAND 2, it's hard to say if they can keep the level size down so that the millions of levels to be created won't take up so much space in their server. Coupled along with the fact so many levels are already being created daily in the original BADLAND, expanding the level editor to BADLAND 2 is going to cost them a lot of money to upgrade the servers even more, on top of their occasional increase in server capacity to accomodate for more and more original BADLAND levels...
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  14. Mr. X

    Mr. X Elite Member

    Maybe they could make bl2 controls for level editor in bl1? Left and right controls can add a lot more potential for bl1
  15. InterludeDude

    InterludeDude Elite Member Beta tester

    Hexagonal IS sophisticated lol. But I don't think these huge, totally awesome levels aren't the data hogs, it's the thousands of other clone savers, messages, not awesome levels that take the vast majority of the space. There should be some sort of way to have these levels deleted. Maybe if it has no plays in 24 hrs, it's sent back to the creator? To establish a good system for a level filter would definetely take lots of trial and error.
  16. Nandish

    Nandish New Member

    BL2(Android) was updated 2 days ago.
    I was waiting for online mode.
    But there was nothing as I expected.
    So, when will it be coming?????
    Or, will it never????
  17. Vicvic91

    Vicvic91 Administrator Staff Member Frogmind

    Online mode is not ready yet on Android. Unfortunally :(
  18. MrYurihi

    MrYurihi New Member

    Would frogmind ever release a level editor for BL2, or is it just that its not in the works right now?

    CUBE MAN OFFICIAL Penguin Clony

    Good idea. Let's say if a lvl has less than 20 plays after 1 week, than a message is sent to the creator. The creator can decide if he/she would send a request to Frogmind to publicize the lvl(frogmind's choice), or withdraw it from the lvl world if he/she thinks it is not worthy. If the lvl creator thinks his lvl is good, than the Frogmind team would decide the ultimate fate of the sometimes good, most of the time bad noob lvls.

    The only problem is that overly-confident young creators(I have seen a many of these in the lvl world), who don't really know how to compare(like me), might send ALL of their bad lvls to Frogmind. Vicvic will be having a headache, playing through bad lvls. Of course I won't do that though. (Can you pls trust me?)
  20. InterludeDude

    InterludeDude Elite Member Beta tester

    I was thinking no plays within 24 hours is better. That way, the level can be sent to the overconfident young creators quicker. It will be auto-removed, but can be published again. So if you really make a junky level, eventually either won't bother constantly publish them, or won't repub them at all.
    P.S. It seems I was once also an overconfident young creator. My first level, DREADFUL, I thought was the best thing ever! (It's mediocre, but far better than what's considered a noob level.)

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