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    How come the Daily Challenge and the Online Multiplayer are exclusively of iOS and Andriod? Is it becuase the game would take up too much space? I really want to know because I'm an iOS user and I really want to know how the Daily Challenge is like! :mrgreen: You might even bring more popularity into the game too (except for the really rich kids who have 3 or 4 ios and andriod devices lol)
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    Uh.... Daily challenge is for Android and online multiplater is for iOS isnt it?
    Are you playing Daily challenge in iOS and not online multiplayer??

    I cant even think about it... they are real lucky people
    I got my device almost for free
    No other way I'm getting one:mrgreen:
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  4. Vicvic91

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    Badland 2 iOS and Android are like 2 different games.
    We released first the Online Multiplayer for the iOS version, and the Time Trial mode with latest update.
    Then we worked on different game mode with the Cheetah Mobile team, including the Daily Challenge and Rush Mode as well as introducing the powerups. :)

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