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  1. ShiV

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    A few days back, and just after saying I didn't really care about coop the missions started to lure me over ;P . And by now I'm well underway, 115/120 missions on Day I done and Day II is starting to take some form as well with 66/120 missions. Total done now 196/300. If I continue like this I might even see the achievements for 3000 clones coop, 240 missions and 270 missions getting near. If that happens there will be only 2 left, the hidden coop one and 300 missions coop.

    Missions I still need on Day I are:

    - Dawn - Clone: Save 7 clones (already had a hard time getting 4 but believe I've found what's best, after you took the size-up DON'T take any size-downs, the bigger the clones are the less they will get stuck on those things).
    - Noon - Rollerball: No one dies
    - Noon - Sticky Bounce: Collect all powerups (really doubt what's said above that someone got it, kinda impossible if you ask me).
    - Dusk - Speedball: No one dies (jezus this one's hard, thought the no one dies at flaw/flail here was hard already and was glad I got that one but this one's up 10 levels).
    - Night - Squared: Hit nothing (nothing said about all should hit nothing so left 1 behind, but didn't work, so all contestants have to hit nothing).

    Something about the hidden coop achievement, I know it says otherwise in certain descriptions about this hidden one, but can't it be 1-try all levels (either D1+D2 with or without Doomsday/Daydream)? There are 4 - I believe - achievements for this in singleplayer, non in coop? Think that's kind of strange. Or is there someone who already did all those levels in 1-try coop? I'm well underway with this as I go level by level with the missions, Day 1 1-try is done and D2Dawn as well (except Falling), rest will come soon I suppose.
  2. -Fireblade-

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    I passed all 100 levels in coop with one try and it doesn't give no forget about it bro...)
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  3. ShiV

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    Aah was worth a shot, thanks for the confirmation though :)
  4. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    Update on that. Things actually go pretty smooth, haven't played singleplayer for that matter the last few days, but now I'm at:

    - Day I - 115/120 missions, 40 1-try done.
    - Day II - 110/120 missions, 34 1-try done.
    - Doomsday - 28/30 missions, 10 1-try done.
    - Daydream - 30/30 missions, 9 1-try done (Centipede only one left...).

    Totaling 283/300 missions and 93/100 1-try, clonecount at the the moment 2771. 3000 won't get taken without a sweat but with some work this shouldn't be so far off. So with a bit of luck I'll only need the 300 missions and hidden achievements in a few days :)
  5. -Fireblade-

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    Hey, ShiV! I would like to say that I am absolutely sure that some missions in coop are impossible:
    - "Collect all powerups" in "Sticky bounce" (DAY I - Noon)
    - "Collect all powerups" in "Gadgets" (DAY II - Dusk)
    These levels need additional powerups, another level design or something else that they could perform...

    And also...
    - "Hit nothing" in "Clonecubes" (DAY II - Dusk)
    - "Save 7 clones" in "Clone" (DAY I - Dawn)
    ...these two missions looks like they can be performed...but they are SO HARD and require as SO MUCH LUCK making them virtually impossible!
    What do you think about that?
  6. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    The Sticky Bounce one I agree with, like I said on previous page. And the collect all at Gadgets was most likely going to be my next question right here yes, whether someone knows how to get that one (since the sticky powerup is gone, and those 2 powerups behind the saw near the end are now at an impossible position to reach it looks).

    I have yet to get all the Hit nothing missions, never really been my favorite and in coop it's not getting better with it ;P But the one in Clonecubes seems to be pretty damn hard yes, since the first of 2 clones attracts the first superclone already, making the second clone take it most of the times. It IS possible to get by this but your clones have to be pretty darn near one another to do that. Save 7 in Clone is hard yes, but like I said on last page I believe playing with big clones (so don't take any size-down, do take the size-up) makes it better doable. Not easy still, but who knows (with some luck...).

    Updated the numbers above to what they are now, since within an hour or so after I posted that all missions on Daydream were in, something like that. So also 270 missions achievement is in :)
  7. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    Hj326 got the All Powerups on Sticky Bounce with three players, so it has to be possible somehow. On Gadgets I have no idea. At first glance it looks impossible, yes.

    For me I have no high hopes for the hit nothing missions. I didn't like them in Single, in Coop they are beyond me.

    Doable. I left out 1 size-down, had 7 in the wheel at the end yesterday on iPhone, lost one clone for it was to far at the left. Still, much luck needed, but pretty possible.

    Also I got the Quality Time achievement in Coop Verticality on iPhone, and I didn't update the last Daydream Coop there. So it wasn't fixed in this update, but before, or was never bugged.

    Sigh. Your speed is frustrating. ;-)

    I'm back on iPhone for now, my tablet shut down in the midst of playing last sunday, now it shows many levels as unplayed, clone counts and missions are lost etc. Like AndroidUser once reported for his Doomsday levels, but everythere. Not sure whether I just play on or at least should try to fix that.
  8. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    Somewhere a week ago already sort of 'had it' with coop, not really but felt more I wanted to play singleplayer again. So since then I barely played coop anymore, just now did a few rounds and upped my clonecount a bit. But I think the next few weeks at least my main focus will be single again, perhaps I'll do some coop in between but we'll see.

    Anyhow, where I'm at with coop:

    - Missions: D1 3 left, D2 4 left, Doomsday 2 left and Daydream done, totaling 291/300 missions done.
    - 1-try: All done except Daydream - Centipede.
    - Clones saved: 2940 in total (as of now, have to update this into the spreadsheet).

    Missions I still have to do are:

    - D1 Clone: Save 7 clones; Had a run about a week ago where I got through with 7, just failed to take the size-down just before the end, so didn't make it :( Recorded this, if anyone is interested I can upload it.
    - D1 Sticky Bounce: Collect all powerups.
    - D1 Squared: Hit nothing; was damn close a few times but will take a while before this one gets taken ;P
    - D2 Robotic: No one dies; the bug I mentioned in the News + misc topic appears to also be here for me, in both singleplayer/coop, making it incredibly hard to make this one. Already not the easiest of missions but doable, but the times I would've made it made impossible because of this bug.
    - D2 Clonecubes: Hit nothing.
    - D2 Gadgets: Collect all powerups.
    - D2 Fluffy: No one dies; Pretty damn hard mission even though I almost made it a couple of times, only the part with the vehicle remains to kill me (completely or either one out of the 'players'/thumbs).
    - Doomsday Clonetron: Hit Nothing; Also very hard, but with enough tries should be doable.
    - Doomsday Bodyparts: Save 100 Clones; My mind keeps playing tricks on me here, with that many clones it's really hard to keep focus on what thumb to use at what time. Got 88, think it should be pretty doable, should try it like I just upped my score on Clonespikes, with 2 fingers of 1 hand. That way you can really control both clonekinds in a similar way.

    Clone (with some luck and patience), Fluffy and Bodyparts should be doable, and Robotic as well after an update (will e-mail Frogmind about this now, since now I know Android isn't effected, finally updated my Galaxy SIII to check). If so, that leaves 3 hit nothing's and 2 bugged ones (will mention this, among some other things, as well in the e-mail to Frogmind). The remaining 1-try also is good doable.

    Sadly I haven't gotten to 3000 clones here yet, think I will in time but it isn't a priority to me now. Glad with the result I have now already :) Some other things worth mentioning:

    - Like I said above, D1 Speedball, no one dies, that one was really freaking hard. Get past the 2 wheels in the beginning and it's done, but doing that is excruciating. Helps to not take too many clones towards the first wheel, if playing with 2 players 1+1 or 1+2 (taken just before) clones seems best, you then should first let 1 player pop into the narrow hall with 2 sizes-up, all left (or right, left works better imo) taking 1 size-up. Other one will fall down, and player 2 can come along without taking that size-up. Being 1 size down to normally taking both helps a lot.
    - D2 Districts - No one dies; was damn hard as well. First obstacle is pretty doable, second one normally isn't (explanation after this sentence) and third one kills you (one or both players) most of the times. Second one can be made a LOT easier if you just hop 1 or more clones of both players in that floating sticky-ball area, and not press the screen anymore (before passing any of the sticky-balls!). The clones will (since they have taken a spinner towards left) go all the way left, and just wait to the wall. The sticky-balls keep gaining height, 2 out of 3 will on some moment (not together, after one another) touch the floor by falling that much, and will leave the screen. The third one will be blown up, and just before the second sticky-ball will vanish by hitting the ground the third one gets his last blow up. It won't return anymore. This will leave a clear path without sticky-balls, making that a part without trouble. Next part (falling saw/portals) will remain hard though, but once you go through there with both players the rest of the level shouldn't give to many problems. Just watch that in the next section you get both players through (part where there are bricks blown away for the first time). Easy to leave one out of two players, since when 1 is through towards the next section the screen suddenly starts moving again. And the last part that you should watch is the famous part with all the floating sticky-balls. Better try to enter with just 1 or 2 clones per player/thumb, too many gives a big chance at hitting a sticky and then you're most likely finished;).
    - D2 Gadgets - No one dies. This one's also hard as ... Just try, try and try. In doing so, I think you have a bigger chance when you leave the size-up that you can take with the spinner right before the blower shoots the clones away at the end. Being big makes it harder to make it here.
    - D2 Domino - The 1-try here is out of this world. Finally got it with some luck, believe I tried it a bit like JohnnyHydro (or something, excuse me if I got your name wrong) did in his 1-try singleplayer run. But since you're 1 size down in coop towards singleplayer it's a hell lot more difficult. I'm talking about the canon-part (before the lasers) especially, since you're one size down already it's almost impossible to skip the slow-down powerup here. This means you're too slow eventually to easily make that rolling gravity-stone part. Practice, practice and practice is the keyword here.
    - And finally, it seems indeed that the scores were counted wrong at first so there are some wacky scores. Believe this both counts for day 1 and day 2, thought I always only read about day 1. But day 2 - Buttons for instance gave me a 53 score, that I find hard to believe. Ah well, shame but it happened. Most of the levels are my real scores anyhow, at least the ones (and I believe that are the most of them) that have been altered the last few weeks when I was playing.

    Pretty lengthy post but I hope some things help people while playing coop :)

    Still have my doubts about it... But who knows, a lot of things in Badland seem impossible at first but are exponentially improved even later!

    Bah that sucks, perhaps this should be mentioned to Frogmind as well, who knows there's something they can do about it...
  9. -Fireblade-

    -Fireblade- Active Member

    Hey, ShiV! I would like to say that Doomsday Clonetron: Hit Nothing and D2 Clonecubes: Hit nothing are glitched! I passed these levels did not hit nothing a few times (it is not so difficult to actually ;) )...and...I got nothing! :x
    I play on iOS...don`t know about Android but for iOS these two achievements are obviously glitched!!!

    And of course (D1 Sticky Bounce: Collect all powerups) and (D2 Gadgets: Collect all powerups). I still confident that they can not perform because of error developers with levels design!
  10. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    Didn't get those myself so I wouldn't know, but since (especially in coop) more things have been/are bugged/glitched I sure believe you. Most of the times this isn't OS-bound so it happens in all versions of Badland, except the bug I posted about in the News + Misc topic, believe that one is Windows Phone only. Still didn't email Frogmind about this (and more things like said above) so I'll mention those glitches you say as well, so they might have a look into it.
  11. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    @Straitorden; Your Hit Nothing run made me go back to Clonecubes yesterday, played it for quite a bit. Nice run, clever thinking on not taking the slow power up, would've made you too slow otherwise and let you hit a mine. Just wanted to post here to Frogmind after a while that what @-Fireblade- said about Clonecubes appeared to be wrong since you got the Hit Nothing mission, and just that moment I also did a hit nothing run! :D

    ... and got nothing. I looked at the replay very thorough, also recorded it. Yet I don't see me hitting anything. Have played it for some time after, unfortunately I manage to keep screwing up one way or another right before I make another hit nothing run. Got another 11 clones in this one though, leaving <50 clones from 3000 coop. But still, it seems as if this mission indeed isn't fully working, only sometimes rewarding someone with that missionegg.
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  12. Straitorden

    Straitorden Well-Known Member

    Can’t it be so that the second clone (in my video it's colour is blue) smoothly touched the surface under it in the holy beginning of the level? It was several times for me that it barely touched the surface, from which it flew. It 'll be quite surprising if OS and Android versions will be different for this level, but may be android one has a glitch.

    Also trying to reach 3000 in coop. Inspired by your list. How it was possible to get 34 in Timescape? 72 in Squared looks absolutely extraordinary....
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  13. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    (Sorry for the late answer, been kinda busy last few days ;) )

    Actually, in case you didn't know, there are 4 positions in COOP for the players to start, since there is a maximum of 4 players;) And instead of just always taking the same 2 positions when playing with 2 clones/players, each player/clone remains to have its own starting position. In my case I played with the other 2, that already sat on the ground:

    I'm quite positive I didn't hit anything, my only thought is I might didn't exactly take off at the same time, so 1 of the clones still touched the ground a bit. Or it is counted perhaps if the clones bump into each other. Those are my only 2 explanations I can get for this. Actually did another hit nothing run on this yesterday (this one was from last thursday) which was a lot cleaner, just didn't have the chance to record it.

    Btw my main phone is a Lumia 930 what is a Windows Phone ;) Barely play Badlands on Android anymore, used to do that until July last year. Still do sometimes just for fun and keep up there a bit, but mainly on WP. And @-Fireblade- above said he also plays on iOS, so isn't always like that it appears :(

    Like most people know, there was a score-bug at first that did some goofy things on your results, mostly counted a too large number. This was fixed (believe since the COOP-Doomsday update), so after that you should be fine.

    Anyway, thought I'd have a (pretty narrow, took me quite some time this evening) look into it. Searched for the moment I entered my COOP-results into the spreadsheet. And compared those numbers with what I have now. I left out Doomsday + Daydream, I just did those at that time so knew they were right, plus the score-bug was fixed at that time. It appeared in the 80 levels from Day 1 + 2, I upped my score since then in 50 levels, 30 had the same numbers:

    • (D1Dawn) Cloneblower, Mines!, Jungle, (D1Noon) Sticky Bounce, (D1Dusk) Mindfield, Clonechipper, Saw, Wargears, Snappy Crash, Deathspin, (D1Night) Cubism, Squared, Sting, Bolt, Final Frontier
    • (D2Dawn) Blow, Phaser, Haste, Buttons, (D2Noon) Sectors, Glow, (D2Dusk) Timescape, Flipping, Districts, Swampy, (D2Night) Darkness, Lazers, Bits, Fluffy, Oblivion
    I checked what levels might indeed had strange numbers, and others that under normal circumstances should be accurate. That left 17 levels, made those italic above. Eight levels in Day 1 that might had a number from the score-bug, nine in Day 2. So went for (at least... mostly tried it several times ;P ) a play session in those levels.

    For Day 1: Thought Mines! was pretty doable, later saw you in between made that number as well so that one's fine. Not really really sure about Clonechipper and Wargears, in my opinion the result in Clonechipper is very good possible by myself, the one in Wargears might be, but I doubt I did get 24 there. Deathspin, no way I did that. Cubism, Sting and Bolt all seem to be good as well, with some work especially Sting and Bolt could very well be improved even. Squared on the other hand, neverrrrrr ever in this living world did I play to achieve that.
    Shortly said: I think most results are right, don't think Wargears is but should with a lot of work be possible, Deathspin and Squared aren't accurate to my playing.
    For Day 2: Blow and Phaser actually are pretty good possible, didn't get all that high scores now but even more are possible. Buttons I always thought was score-bugged as well, still think I did get that score because of that score-bug but who knows... Might even be possible. Got a 44-clonerun with my second try this evening there. Timescape and Districts were score-bugged as well in my opinion, Districts should be possible but don't think I played anywhere near how I did in singleplayer. Darkness wasn't score-bugged, I even improved my score there just yet ;P. Lazers and Fluffy were definitely score-bugged, Fluffy might had been possible before but I don't believe I got that number back then, and now you won't be able to play the previous Fluffy-way anymore so that score is never possible anymore the way the game is now. Last one, Bits, might be possible but don't believe I did that myself, score-bugged in my opinion.
    Shortly: Guess Buttons and Bits were score-bugged, Timescape, Districts, Lazers and Fluffy definitely were in my opinion.

    So please, don't take those for real, who knows what is possible but I guess I got those scores because of the score-bug. Bug wasn't set on certain levels, so this will most likely have had a different effect on each player that did (some of) those levels early, giving wrongs scores in other levels.

    Hope this helps ;)
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  14. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    The explanation where 2 clones bump into each other is likely to be not the case. When you hit nothing in single player, it is possible to collect the last superclone power-up and still achieve hit nothing. So unlikely that is the case. The first case where the 2 players do not take off at the same time may be plausible but the question is, how about the Hit Nothing mission in Squared? I don't presume you can make 2 players take off at exactly the same time...
  15. Straitorden

    Straitorden Well-Known Member

    Thanks ShiV, for the detailed response. Comprehend it)
  16. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    Who knows, those are for now my only 2 possible thoughts besides the level maybe being bugged somehow. Or did I miss the moment that I juuuuuussst touched the surface somewhere? Thought I didn't see it happen (even looked at it at a slower pace, still thought I didn't see that happen).

    Besides that; Finally, those last ± 60 clones started to become rather difficult, but I finally did it, 3000 clones saved at COOP :D

    Think I'll leave COOP for what it is at this moment, once there is an update and the few bugs will be fixed I'll go for the rest of the missions that are left to do (and thus as well the 300 missions COOP achievement/hidden COOP achievement that are left).
  17. Straitorden

    Straitorden Well-Known Member

    Congratulations, ShiV)
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  18. ShiV

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    @Straitorden; Believe that hitting the laser counts as a 'hit', you didn't hit nothing but a laser, thought that was the same in singleplayer as well ;) (Reaction on this video: )

  19. -Fireblade-

    -Fireblade- Active Member

    I said that I repeatedly passed these levels (clonetron and clonecubes) without a single touch of anything - walls, lasers and even clones to each other and I get NOTHING!
    It`s 100% BUG! :grimacing:
    We can only wait for game updates and bug fixes from Frogmind...:confused_02:
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  20. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    Allright, now I'm getting confused. Straitorden did get the mission-egg for Hit Nothing on Clonecubes, where I didn't, even though I believe I really didn't hit anything there. Now he didn't get the mission-egg in Clonetron, where I thought he didn't get it because he hit the laser, and then this happened too me...


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