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    Agreed, without a doubt. In al honesty I prefer a fun level where it's challenging to save a certain number of clones most would think to be impossible, but levels like these are, simply said, -needed-, and are a breath of fresh air. A level like this reinvents certain aspects in this game, and shows things no one thought of before or believed to be possible even. This is what keeps Badland fresh, or at the very least gives it a great stimulans in a different, unexplored direction. Again great work Voltiac!

    Btw I've recorded a 1-try from this level 2 or 3 days ago, anyone wants this uploaded or not needed?
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    Please, share it ! :)
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    Please do, will be some more time before I get it. Only down to two tries so far, messed after the laser part.
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    I had better passings in that "drunk" part, will post a screenshot today/-morrow or so with what I believe gave me the best chance at passing that part at once. Doesn't mean that's the best way though, might be better ways to do it.

    Had a few earlier tries that came real close at nailing a 1-try before, even once got to that part almost at the end, stupid triangle bounced behind me and kicked my clony against the damn saw :( By 1-try ;P Ahh well, that's Badland.

    Only 1-try left now again is The Long Story, think I'm 100 years old when that one finally is completed... Damn slow level, even if you think yay this time I'll make it you still get owned by the randomness in that level :( Would be nice to have 100% completed again in singleplayer though.
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