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    I somewhat expected a discussion why this level is too hard, at least for some players. Instead nobody replied here, ever. So it seems I'm the only one who sucks here. Hate you all.
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    OK, time for my first post, and I'll start with this one since it's my oldest level... I have only 3 missions in eternal day I cannot accomplish (which means I'm pretty dedicated/desperate). Before I post on the other levels I really need to know if there is anyone out there who can be of any help about completing the "collect all powerups" mission! The checkpoint before the lasers and after the spinning wheels is my biggest problem, mainly cause the power ups in there keep rolling away most of the times and even if you somehow manage to get them, if you die by the lasers after, you go back to the checkpoint not having them picked up at all. This means you have only one try to get this which now I'm pretty sure seems impossible...
    To wrap this up..... PLZ HELP!! (or nerf the mission :D)
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    I always thought the same, that you only have one try from this checkpoint to the next after the lasers because there are unreachable powerups if you die. But I found a replay that suggests that these powerups are ignored for this mission, as @Tomd needed more tries:

    Looks that it is okay to die in the lasers as long you had the powerups before this checkpoint. Didn’t make it myself so far, I still suck at this level.
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