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    Clones Saved
    Add your own Clone Counts into the Clone Saving Spreadsheet >>HERE<<


    Note: This is just a simple "Survive with one try" playthrough to show off this level here in the Badlands Forum.
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  2. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    I put 17 as the max because it's impossible to get any more. That's really the max.

    I've tried this level thousands of times and it's impossible to extract another clone from the platform where the superclone power-up is. There can only be a minimum of 4 clones being stuck up there. No less. So I'll say 17 is the max.

    Anyone disagree?
  3. <|-|!<0

    <|-|!<0 Dr. Doomsday

    I disagree, if you watch my video on everyplay ( and now Straitorden's too) you will see that we dodged 3 speed powerups, giving a lot of screen time to get the 18.... with a bit of luck i think is definitely possible.
  4. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    I disagree as well, as I mentioned somewhere else before I haven't really picked up playing this levelpack properly yet, but I remember trying a lot of different things for this level (like just before Chic0's and Straitorden's movies, at that part where you take a spinner and size-up and move that wheel through the lasers. Started there with missing the size-up, take the spinner, than don't take the next antispinner, then play along like Chic0 and Straitorden did, except leaving a few size-ups behind. This would make me a lot smaller but I would already have a spinning trajectory rolling forward. That spinning would double at that last part where I again would take a spinner and size up and go through the laser part, normally this would be to small to get the wheel to turn but since I was rotating a lot faster it did. Unfortunately I was killed right before getting towards the end with the superclone there, and then gave up). One of those things is (and I haven't seen this in any movie of the level before, even though Everyplay was down for Badland for a while) to play the same like Chic0 and Straitorden did, except when you arrive at the superclone part, only attract it for a while and then pull your clone backwards. This will make the superclone fall down, slipping towards the lowest hallway. Like this you would get 11 clones down there. To make things easier might be to be one size smaller when you get here, getting there like that is harder but will make it a lot more possible to save 21 here.

    Will record what I'm trying to say here, if it's unclear to you what I mean;)
  5. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    Sooo, the way I described last in previous post, like this:

    Think this is about the maximum someone will be able to save, if you get trough the beginning with more clones you'll most likely take more speed powerups resulting in being too fast to save them all at the end, but who knows... For now I'll change the maximum in the sheet to 21 ;)
  6. <|-|!<0

    <|-|!<0 Dr. Doomsday

    ShiV, i hereby declare you 1st position of BADLAND, lol, Wooooowww. This was F****** amazing man.

    Fantastic stuff. can't wait to try it.

    You discover some genius stuff.

    this was my face while seeing it :-o
  7. <|-|!<0

    <|-|!<0 Dr. Doomsday

  8. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    Hehe too much credit, will have to show that in score first;) But sometimes I discover something and sometimes you do, just saw your 22+ potential at everyplay :mrgreen:

    Did a little discovery in the meantime at Swampy though. Won't effect the score but will make the level a LOT more easy to play (even though I have my doubts about 43 being ultimate there, had a few times that I almost (not quite there yet) got 3 clones through 'the' section, making it 4. Unfortunately screwed up with a few 43 attempts, when I got that one (or 44 if possible) I'll record it to show what I mean. Small, simple step but overlooked by all (including me).

    /Edit: Hehe you posted it here in the meantime, but yeah saw it already before it. Lasers remain tricky, still great find:D
  9. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    Oh man. Looks like I'm really the n00b here. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    Wow! You know, I tried that before too, but failed, so I thought it really just isn't possible to go one size down. My, you guys are really the gods of Badland! I officially crown you 2 ShiV and <|-|!<0 the new kings of Badland, overtaking ogster!

    I'm so gonna try your new mad skills! Off I go to save more clones! :D
  10. <|-|!<0

    <|-|!<0 Dr. Doomsday

    Ogster is not playing lately, i bet if he was he would be doing some good scores.

    And im a n00b too, i just ruined a perfect 24 on gyrotation :twisted:
  11. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    Wish I COULD ruin a 24 here. ;-) You guys make me feel like a noob, too. Perhaps I'll change my name to n00bphun.
  12. phil

    phil Well-Known Member

    It's much easier playing it the way chico did, so I just ruined a 23 :) (1 died at the wheels, 3 left behind later)...19 is not that bad, would love to see more of your amazing 21+ replays.
  13. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    Just tried something else, started the way I posted above in my reply on FBI Light Rock. If lucky I see a 31 possibility with this. Will upload it when I'm at home, recorded it with the SIII, but since I am in a train right now it will be shocky as f*ck. Or I should be able to do something like that fast at home as well ;)
  14. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    Here you go. Sadly lost a lot of clones, but it's the method that counts here, possibilities possibilities!
  15. <|-|!<0

    <|-|!<0 Dr. Doomsday

    That's awesome, but i don't think 31 is possible, specially because of that ending.... i think 24 should be the max.

    In my 24 ruined you can see that i lost one clone because there is no space to make them rotate in the ceiling.

    Gonna try this out tho, it will help getting 23 or 24.

    ShiV and his crazy discoveries. And mad skills trippled by playing in a moving noisy train.
  16. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    I'm starting to feel the same... Last night finally made 23 even though I had the chance to get it way more early, but most of the times ruined it like your 24 run. Since I finally got 23 I made this several times, also on 24 or 25 possibilities (last one not sure, believe 1 time I had 5 to the end). Mostly these got screwed indeed because of what you say. Wait to long (in trying to slide the clones to the left) and you attract the superclone already making you lose a lot more, wait just right and one mostly doesn't get grip on the ceiling making it go up 1 level. Though I want to try some extra things on this, if you first attract that superclone from bottomlevel (a bit like your 24 run video) and let go again it jumps to the right. If then you try to get your 4 or so clones down it might be better possible, since the superclone is too far off to hinder. Or you can first let in 2 or 3, get the last clone(s) that didn't make it down yet back to the middle level and try fast again. The ones already down indeed go to the right making things harder, but when they take the superclone things get a little stuck, maybe giving you enough time to let those last ones get down as well.

    Other thing I've tried was at the start, when you're just past that wheel/horseshoe ( :mrgreen: ) and at that wheel missing the size-up. Next you get a size-down and antispinner, I've skipped that antispinner so I had an extra spin forward the rest of the level. Unfortunately it makes things a lot harder at the last wheel, even though it makes it easier for clones to get between all the huge-ass wheels before. But at that last moving wheel they tend to spread out more, and being a more easy prey for the lasers. Got 2 clones through till the end like this making 22 clones, but guess that's about the most you're going to get with an extra spin.

    Only other option I see in getting over 24 clones might be to skip another (so making it 3 sizes down from a normal playrun) size-up or taking a size-down extra. Something that might be possible is in between those wheels, where you've found the solution in getting 1 size-down. When you send one clone ahead a bit this normally makes the size-down go to that clone instead of blocking/crushing the others. Sometimes that clone (or another) gets stuck underneath that piece of wood, and normally we would just try to continue with the rest. But if this happens fast enough (and not when your clones almost are lost to the left side of the screen already), it might be possible for that stuck clone to move back over the wooden ceiling it has then, getting to the other size-down (and even another slow-down powerup). Perhaps when being 3 sizes down it is possible to get more clones, otherwise I think we'll have a hard enough time getting that 24th one to the end.

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