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    Clones Saved
    Add your own Clone Counts into the Clone Saving Spreadsheet >>HERE<<


    Note: This is just a simple "Survive with one try" playthrough to show off this level here in the Badlands Forum.
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  2. FBI Light Rock

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    You can avoid one of the Fast power-ups at the start. (I like to avoid the 3rd one since I don't need to get the superclone power-up that sacrifices clones) Although your chance of survival through the passageway that shuts tight quickly will be quite small.

    However, for some reason, it seems I generally save less clones with the slightly slower speed? :?: :?: :?: Is it me, or is it playing normally without avoiding the Fast power-up better for saving clones?
  3. phil

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    In my opinion avoiding one of the fast power-ups is the best solution and more speed doesn't make clone saving easier. The chances to survive the passageway are nearly equal when you go straight through the middle of it.
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    I guess that is neccesary take allthe powerups. but in the portals how o_O :(

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