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    BADLANDER DAY I: DAWN - JUNGLE starts off with a rather deadly dropping pipe and rock combination and it only gets harder from there with three huge oval shaped boulders to contend with. Two of them you have to outfly and one of them you need to watch roll by, but which one's are which?!



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    Note: This is just a simple "Survive with one try" playthrough to show off this level here in the Badlands Forum.
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    Since this was never discussed; while trying to get 6 here a few months back I tried several things, one of them being something I never saw in videos online. It didn't work out for me back than and I got lucky getting 6 the normal way, but... Should it be possible to, if you get enough clones trough the first of 2 dropping objects at the final part, split that bunch in 2, and let just 1 go underneath that last rolling object (and sacrificing it), while the others are on the left side waiting? If you got like 8 through (which is extremely hard of course), and kill 1 by letting it go underneath that big rolling ball, you still have 7 left, who can just fly up until the end of the level, not having to worry to get killed anymore. Perhaps you still can take the last clone if that one hasn't been effected by the rolling ball or picked up by your kamikaze-clone already, and give a total result of 8 (or even more if more got through, what will be near to impossible but still).

    Just a thought, but in my eyes a more doable thing than getting 6 at Badlander.
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    We should - one day - make a list of videos worth watching, not only the one (or sometimes two) in the spreadsheet. I think I have already seen what you describe later.

    And I thought I had discussed that 8 may not be the limit here, but obviously not in the right place...

    The one on the right side can survive sometimes while there is enough time to get those on the left in. Very tricky, and most times you'll lose them. I had once more than seven before the last stone, but they died... Can't repeat it now, still have to get 6 on Android.

    It seems more difficult to me to get enough through under the spiky rock here, as there is no good way to align them. But possible max was set to 8 in Jungle for a very long time, now it is 6+. I hate it when the max's are changed without comment. 8+ is right - I think - even if noone ever reaches it.

    And the max at Badlander is set to 5, 6 is just my idea, I won't change the max without prove there.
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    Not a bad idea, though there are so many video's spread out now already that finding some that you ever thought came in handy are lost in the crowd ;P

    True, even though it sometimes might be better to sacrifice it in order to not let any on the left site behind. But you're right, saving the one on the right is also possible :)

    Well, the scores on Day 1 - Dawn aren't anymore likely to change all that fast, both Jungle and Badlander are extreme in getting those max achieved counts out. But who knows, more strange things have happened, even though I expect Pipeline (or a lucky bastard on Cloneblower) will be the first level in this daypack to ever increase it's count (been trying Pipeline last week a few times again too, multiple times of getting 26 to the final wheels but no luck :( ).

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