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    Thanks for the video, I am able now to avoid that power-up (it' still more luck than skill) and improved from 28 to 31. That's OK for me right now, but I know it's possible to avoid one of the other size-ups, tho' it shouldn't be necessary for insanely 41+.
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    [youtube: "This video has been deleted by the user" Edit by n0phun]
    finally got near 40+
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    It isn't. But in my experience try to collect your flock after those saws up at the wall (down is possible as well, but up is easier in my opinion), and about when those lasers you see will open (from their up and closing formation) let the clones go. Next time it will open is aprrox. when you fly above it so the superclone can be taken, same counts for the next one. This is done with taking both those speed-ups before the saw area, only taking 1 is also possible but it changes the moment you need to let your flock go. With only taking 1 speed-up I would leave around when those lasers are fully closed, they open, close, and open again when you arrive there next. Somehow when I tried this this had no effect on the next laser, that would open when I got there with just the 1 speed-up as well.

    In my opinion, I think taking both the speed-ups works better, don't really now the timing from just 1, and you also gain a little more speed for the saw areas. Plus somehow it seems to keep the flock together a little better over just 1.

    And hehe, no I don't hate this level, like almost no level. It's a love/hate thing, you understand with playing so much Badland ;) . It's one of those levels with those aargh I'd had it with this level, let's try again piece of s.... moments.

    Commented there a while back as well, but also here, great effort! It's really in the details, and in a few days/weeks/months someone will make it at 41, or even 44. Great playing though, nailed it through those lasers!
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    Got 41 clones saved today (lost 2). Sorry for the video quality. Filming the gameplay with a camera still was an old habit, because when I startet showing gameplays in the past, any screencast program would have crashed the running Badland App :D
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