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    Online Level Records and Replays
    Upload your videos to YouTube and post your videos here! Post your online records to the Online Records Tab of the spreadsheet!
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    Hey, my first record in a quite some time:

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    Couldn't get a decent result yesterday, so I tried Survive with no Cloning. It may even be possible to avoid all powerups, but that would be extremely difficult. On the other hand without cloning is too easy from the "Asteroids" part, only the beginning is a challenge.

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  4. n0phun

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    Learned from this vid how to play this level. There is another vid from @<|-|!<0 which was never linked here or in the sheet, with 120 clones saved, without skipping the fast time powerup. @Smurphina even saved 131 clones once, don't know how she played it.

    Never could do it Chico's way. I need to slow down by skipping the fast time powerup like you. I still suck in the "Asteroids"-part and even more in the part after that with the up/down going balls. Yesterday I nearly lost it in the cogwheels, did a good Asteroids part and decent at the up/down balls. Far from perfect, but 124 clones.
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