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    Clones Saved

    Add your own Clone Counts into the Clone Saving Spreadsheet >>HERE<<


    Note: This is just a simple "Survive with one try" playthrough to show off this level here in the Badlands Forum.
  2. twiki

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    Is there any tactic to get by the last obstacle (Slidey spikey thing with 1 smalleriser on)
    Whatever size I am I can't seem to get them all down the chute at once, and trying to do them in batches doesn't seem to help either.
    Is there a video of this part somewhere?
  3. Wheat1328

    Wheat1328 Ultimate Survivor Moderator

    No video that I know of. Being a size smaller really just makes things worse. I probably restarted that last checkpoint more than 100 times before I saved all of them. It takes a bit a luck but more skill than luck.

    I'd recommend getting all 11 bunched up at the top and only letting 2-3 go down at a time. You should be able to get the rest "stuck" while the 2-3 go down. If you don't get them stuck then fly them all back up and try again. It takes forever. At least it did for me. You'll quickly discover a few other challenges about this area but that's the main strategy I used.

    Also, once you finally do manage to get all 11 through, don't let one stray too far when leaving that area. Once you exit the screen scrolls across and it's easy to loose a few. (Yes, I leaned this that hard way....)
  4. Wheat1328

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    Conversation from the spreadsheet moved here:

  5. n0phun

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    Yes. It's low probability x low probability x... x ... = ?. But ? is more than zero. So it's still possible, but not probable that even the craziest of us will go for it, as the number of needed tries and so invested time is just to high, and all that almost surely to no avail. If anybody lucks to do 11 in the last part in, say, 30-50% of his attempts, it might be worth the effort.

    3 hours later:
    Farthest I could go so far. Probability rising. The second one was blown back here, but they nearly got through together. Next point is the blower you blow of with the mine. Easy with one, should be no problem with two, barring accidents. Not sure about the sticky thing with the three minimizers on it, but you only need two of them coming in this size. Then one last blower with shutter you have to fly through, with a bit of luck possible.
    Then the field of mines/sticky things, this is manageable.

    This run brought me 10 for the second time, going down with all of them (small) at once, was nearly 11.
    So I think I'll be sufficiently crazy to try it at least... 12+, anyone? ;-)
  6. ogster

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    12+ is possible, definitely. if for just the heck of it, by all means, go for it! if you're looking to improve on your clone count, however, there are plenty better choices.
  7. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    Oh yes, plenty. It was just to show that it might be achievable. I'm only going for 12 here while being still on the way to 11, and then I'd leave 12+ for times when squeezing is badly needed. OTOH it would be nice to reach 2350 having some of the squeezing already done, with levels left for real scoring.
  8. n0phun

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    I linked Twitch_Cattz' video on the spreadsheed in the meantime, and there is another one by BadZed, also with 9 saved, here in bigger size. But both go the all at once style, I think you'd have to be very small for that like in Twitch_Cattz' video.

    I really hope I will not have to use Wheat's method to get 11, that would drive me crazy. Got my 10 going down all at once, and think it could have been 11 if I had not tapped when they were off the chute to move them sideways. It seems to take a moment before they gain momentum, and then it's too late as the sticky thing is already on it's way up.
  9. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    More than 100 times it was for me, too, at least it felt like that.

    I had 11 at the bottom 4 times, and everytime some of them got stuck at the exit. The fifth time I got them out. It was incredibly boring. I tried to convince myself it was a new Zen exercise but couldn't bring myself to believe me.

    Had many tries to bring them all down at once, sometimes smallest possible size. No luck, lost exactly one most times. If not anyone comes up who did it that way 12 are out of discussion. At least for me, and for now.
  10. blwm

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    Don't know if this is old news, but I accidentally found another, easier way to get all 11 through.
    Check the link in my next post. I'm sure some of you wizards will be able to get 12+ using this method.

    Just a small way to thank you all for all the awesome tips in the forum.
    My last 200 clones is all because of you :D :thumbup:
  11. blwm

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  12. Ben Thumbs

    Ben Thumbs Clone Master Moderator

    Welcome to the forums and nicely done! :mrgreen:
  13. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    Excellent video! Well done and I really salute you for finding such a method. In theory, this method will even work even when you restart from the checkpoint? (Not entirely sure since where you spawn may make it real difficult.

    I'm going to link your video on the spreadsheet when I can! :mrgreen:

    However, it still doesn't mean 12+ is possible, because n0phun has tried very hard on that before but still failed to get even 2 clones through to the end. Furthermore, it may make your method harder to execute since there's a higher chance the superclone powerup will get attracted to one of them. But it's the first part to even bring 2+ clones to the end that is already so excruciatingly difficult.
  14. blwm

    blwm Member

    Thank you, both!
    It'd be an honour to be linked in the spreadsheet – which goes to show how anally Badland-obsessive I've become, I guess. :shock: But yes, this method is perfectly doable from the last checkpoint:
    I've got to agree that bringing more than one clone through to the end seems nigh on impossible, but judging from the other videos around here I wouldn't put it past some of you guys. It would be seriously impressive, though.

    Anyway, thank you all for a great forum, and thanks for all the help :D
  15. Wheat1328

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    Done. Nice find!! That would have saved me a couple hours had I known about that!!

    And welcome to the forums!!! Feel free to add your clone counts to the spreadsheet. We're kinda in-between sheets I think but go ahead and put them in V3.0: ... qKMy0/edit

    I even reserved your spot at the far right end... ;) :D
  16. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    I stopped trying after I finally got the 11. Bringing 2 clones to the end is still very hard, but not impossible. But you're right, even combined with blwm's method where would not be any guaranty to get 12 through. I'm still trying other levels with more clones to get.

    And I couldn't do the trick here with only one clone. I'll try again later. Great job, blwm!
  17. ShiV

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    Hadn't played Phaser for a while, and always was kind of convinced more than 11 shouldn't be impossible. Tried a few rounds, but ended up at the area at 0:40 at max. This was the first time I passed that (while only been playing for +- 5 minutes), and lead me straight away towards the ending with 2 clones.

    Forgot how to best play the ending, unfortunately. Still, more than the before proclaimed 11 clone-max is possible :)

  18. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    Looks nearly effortless. ,-)

    I set the max to 12+ now (getting 3 to the end *might* be possible), no time to investigate the formatting rules, and it seems that only the owner of the sheet can edit them.
  19. <|-|!<0

    <|-|!<0 Dr. Doomsday


    :evil: That was infuriating :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    It was so close man...

  20. ShiV

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    Surprised me as well, I tried this several times like a month or 2/3 ago, and 2 or so before that, and 2 before those. But leaving a level alone and retrying after, it really sometimes can show how much more you've learned from playing other levels, I never managed to get 2 past that point at 0:40 sec I believe, and now within 5 minutes :shock: Thought what the hell ;P

    Hehehe that "motherf...." in your video is classic, I know that feeling, I know it:D

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