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Discussion in 'FROGMIND'S CHOICE & CONTESTS' started by Vicvic91, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. Vavje

    Vavje Clone Master Beta tester

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  2. Vicvic91

    Vicvic91 Administrator Staff Member Frogmind

  3. Baksbrown

    Baksbrown Hypercloner Beta tester

    Jellyfish! Yay! xD This is guaranteed to work. After all, we all love jellyfish, huh? :mrgreen:
  4. Vavje

    Vavje Clone Master Beta tester

  5. Pizzaandy

    Pizzaandy Elite Member Beta tester

    I invited that one trash level creator Pizzaandy to the forum! Check out the level "PIZZAANDY!!!!!!"
    (vavje it's not a diss to you dont hurt meh pls)
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  6. Rexerus

    Rexerus Elite Member

    @Pizzaandy I think we can all say that you are the king of Trolls :tonguewink:
  7. Vavje

    Vavje Clone Master Beta tester

    He's Digitalfox. He invited me to make a level with him. I saw a level he made with Mr.X. But I don't want to do that.

    CUBE MAN OFFICIAL Penguin Clony

    Horror??? It's my lvl name! Tell him/her it has a copyright. :mrgreen: He's quite a good designer in the lvl world, actually. His lvls are just so "tragically" short, like when you want a long lvl but you get a short one. Check out some of his in the BL2 section! :)

    I don't think he wants you to join the forum, however. Just a question: how do you collaborate on lvls? o_O
  9. Mr. X

    Mr. X Elite Member

    Each of the editors make a part of the level then one editor puts the two parts together in a level
  10. Vavje

    Vavje Clone Master Beta tester

    Wow ! It means putting a huuuge object in "saved groups" menu ?
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  11. Baksbrown

    Baksbrown Hypercloner Beta tester

    Or several smaller groups
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  12. Rexerus

    Rexerus Elite Member

    FINALLY! At 75M, Trippy is my longest level, and my best by far.

    Which path will you take? Will you find all the secrets? Will you conquer DOOMSDAY?
    As for the achievements, well, you'll find out.

    Oh and @Vicvic91, I expect to see my level in ED by tomorrow :tonguewink:
  13. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    Looks nice. There's one glitch ?: if I take the lowest button at the start, and die afterwards, I'm back at the beginning. Okay so far. But if I push the same button again now I'm teleported into blackness, and die, without seeing the next part. (Seem to remember that once I saw the next part racing along, then dying, can't reproduce that now) Is this as designed?
  14. Rexerus

    Rexerus Elite Member

    Yeah, there are some glitches with the long-distance portal jumps. I'm doing my best to fix them right now, but unforetunately, there's not a whole lot I can do. Just don't tap at all until you reach the other side of the portal. That
    should work.

    CUBE MAN OFFICIAL Penguin Clony

    I hate the one try, makes the lvl so frustrating. But other than that, love it! It's like 3 lvls in one :)
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  16. Vavje

    Vavje Clone Master Beta tester

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  17. Rexerus

    Rexerus Elite Member

    But @CUBE MAN OFFICIAL , the question is, have you found the Good Ending? :wink:
  18. Abbraxas

    Abbraxas Member

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  19. Vavje

    Vavje Clone Master Beta tester

    Exellent ! Love it !
    Good job !
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  20. InterludeDude

    InterludeDude Elite Member Beta tester

    Metastable (adj): A quantum state where a subatomic particle is currently stable, but may become unstable without notice.

    That's the title! METASTABLE is my most recent level, and I wanna know what you think about it! Please do so so I myself will remain stable... :) :)

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