The ECLIPSE mystery

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by grandmort, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. grandmort

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    According to the early released image of DAY II - NIGHT on the BADLAND Facebook page, we see two clones flying by a space / sea / insert-type-here kind of creature shooting 3 laser beams out of its eye; the entire scene against a very normal blue (scrolling?) backdrop.

    Very, very cool, except in ECLIPSE, you (a robot) trigger a freeze time button and so you can only fly by a suspended-in-time creature, against a red backdrop. I'm still trying to figure if there is an other way to have that section unfrozen...

    And BTW, how the hell can you save 10 clones on the robot thingy for the mission requirement??? Well, obviously by getting really small, which I haven't been able to succesfully execute yet! ;)
  2. Ben Thumbs

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    Here's the shot grandmort is talking about from Facebook:


    Here's an in game shot of the thing in BADLAND DAY II: NIGHT - ECLIPSE

  3. FBI Light Rock

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    Quite a couple of BADLAND screenshots by Frogmind themselves aren't valid, and are more likely just photoshop work. Now I'm not particular and putting them down by saying this, but it is a fact though I doubt we really care anyway. BADLAND is all about the levels and design of them.

    Take a look at this screenshot in the following link (, also posted on FaceBook by BADLAND themselves. How could you get the third egg for Eclipse by saving ONLY ONE clone?!?!?! (When you need at least 10) And Lazers too, how can you get the third egg by saving ONLY NINE clones?!?!?!

    Why did they do that for this screenshot kind of baffles me though probably I think they don't want to reveal so much details at that point...
  4. ogster

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    welcome to the forum, light rock!

    that's a very good observation there. yeah, these screens were probably in the development stages.

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