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    Clones Saved

    Add your own Clone Counts into the Clone Saving Spreadsheet >>HERE<<


    Note: This is just a simple "Survive with one try" playthrough to show off this level here in the Badlands Forum.
  2. Wheat1328

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    From the Spreadsheet
  3. FBI Light Rock

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    Maximum possible is now updated to 29, the absolute max. In my play today to get more clones (I only got 20, sad :( ), I realized it's possible to not split 1 clone to press the 2 gravity modifier buttons. In the first part where you are supposed to split them to have 1 press the gravity modifier button, it's possible with our small size to slip through the triangle obstacles. Later on, the gravity modifier button is pressed to stop the small boulders from a tap in motion, but it's possible to sneak through the next one to continue freezing time so that there's no need for a split later on to stop the propellers. In fact, if you do sneak past with the small size by rolling against the curved piping, there wouldn't be a single propeller later on, making our clone saving efforts so much easier! :D

    However, it may be questionable whether it's actually possible to sneak by the 2nd button to unfreeze time since there are so many clones by then, and they might roll over each other and press that button.

    EDIT: Never mind. I don't think it's worth the effort to skip the 2nd button to continue freezing time. You'll probably lose clones instead by attempting to do so.
  4. Hj326

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    It is possible to beat the level with time turned off, but I sacrificed all but one clone to do it.

    EDIT: I have a replay of this on everyplay.
  5. badlandcudoviste

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    I'm having a problem with the mission "Collect all Powerups"
    Are there any "hidden" powerups in this level? Ty :D
  6. Wheat1328

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    Nope, nothing that's tricky about this level. See the playthrough video above - all the powerups are collected.

    Be careful when restarting at a checkpoint though. Some checkpoints will start you in a position just in front of a powerup and there's no way to get it. Maybe that's what's happening?
  7. badlandcudoviste

    badlandcudoviste New Member

    Could be. Haven't done the "one try" on this level either but I was pretty sure I collected all power ups. I'll report back once I collected all powerups without dying, thanks! :)
  8. badlandcudoviste

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    Completed all 3 eggs. Should I delete my previous posts? :D sry I'm new to the badland forum :D
  9. FBI Light Rock

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    Bah, it's ok, badlandcudoviste. ;) It adds value to our little fan site and your problem could be something others may experience too, so our feedback helps others in the future as well.

    Welcome to the BADLAND forums! :D
  10. ShiV

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    Just got 29 here :D Never thought that would happen, but while trying for the gazillioneth time to get 28 (and failing just as many times; sometimes even got 29 through [while hitting the time button], so leaving 28 after sacrificing 1, still screwed up a few times at the frozen objects...) I suddenly got all 9 through without hitting the unfreeze time button. Surprised me since I took way to many size-ups on my account, but it worked! Unfortunately don't have a video of it, tried to but accidentally swiped the game away while connecting it to my laptop.

    Anyhow, 29 IS possible, finally can leave this level alone since it started to get on my nerves killing my precious clones :lol:
  11. ShiV

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    @Straitorden: You did a lot of good things in your run you uploaded last night at everyplay, but made a few wrong decisions ;) The way you played it makes 25, perhaps with some luck 26 the best possibility. Good thinking on the first part though, that's indeed how I started the level as well, didn't see that in any other recording before so thought it wasn't known yet. For those that didn't try the first part like this, doing this gives you several possible powerups (all meant without the spinner):

    - All size-up's + speedies; tough luck, better can try again since you don't gain anything.
    - All minus 1 speedie; being slower is great, but since you're still normal size there's a big chance you won't get the rolling size-down (though possible), big chance at starting again.
    - All minus 1 size-up; sadly you're as fast as before but being 1 size down helps a bit.
    - All minus 1 size-up and 1 speed; in my opinion best configuration (or 1 is better, explained below).
    - All minus either 1+2 or 2+1; 1+2 is what happened in the above replay, not my favorite, 2+1 can come in handy, but.... (also explained below).

    In a veeeery small portion of trying it's also sometimes possible to miss the time-speed-up, that's of course the best you can get! Makes the level a lot more accessible like it does in most cases. Sometimes you also get the spinner with the powerups as well, you can cancel that one by missing one of the 2 spinners further along, those after you just took the rolling size-down.
    Why missing 1+2 isn't my favorite: being too slow isn't helpful in this level. At least, not for the part that Straitorden did wrong. Too slow gives a lesser chance at success. Same goes for the minus 2+1, being small helps a lot, but don't try to be too small, also gives a small chance at success at the same part. In my 29 run I thought I took way too many size-ups, normally I would've been 1 or 2 (or even 3? dunno) sizes smaller, but got through anyhow.

    /Edit: Btw, don't think when you for instance take all minus 1 speedie you need to restart because you didn't also miss a size powerup, just play along. Otherwise it would take way to much time/possible runs, the outcome which powerups are missed isn't set. So just play along, enough possibilities in this level to miss a few sizes for example. The level has more serenity/calmness however when 1 speed powerup is missed, so it would be nice to miss it. Not needed, but preferred. I should, like mentioned above, however retry when you take all size/speed.

    I was just yesterday thinking about recording a run from this one, just to show how I did it (even if I most likely won't make 29, don't have the same size/speed I did then and perhaps don't even get to avoid the time-freeze button). Will do that somewhere today Straitorden ;)

    (I replied here instead of at Everyplay, since I thought that was only possible if Everyplay was installed (doesn't exist on Windows Phone), or is it also just possible to register there without?)
  12. Straitorden

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    Thanks very much, Shiv, for detailed comments and for the theory. But still - how can we hold more than one clone in one tricky part of this level?
  13. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    Sorry for the late upload, fell asleep yesterday, was way to tired so took until today to record a run. Here you go:

    This also explains why it's better to not be to slow or to small (and why I did take all 3 instead of 1 of the size-ups), being to slow/small makes it hard to get the "car" rolling.

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